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Koenigsegg Regera 0-250 MPH in 20 Seconds World’s Fastest Hybrid: Everything You Wanted to Know

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( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The Koenigsegg Regera will go from 0-250 MPH in 20 Seconds making it the world’s fastest hybrid.

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Areli Gutierrez says:

Forza Horizon 3

Petru Leu says:

Anybody can charge 3 m for a car and make it like that

X-IT says:

bugatti suck koeniggseg won

Doctor George says:

hey?? wherez that bald cock-a-doodle-doo guy who used to host with you always

Manny Echaluce says:

If you are not using it most of the time get rid of it 😀 I like that thinking

Logan M says:

0-250 is a very fair game being proposed by an RWD vehichle producer

Snow Fox says:

I feel like there's a lot of Hennessy fan dislikes this video and Bugatti of course ?

Jose Trujillo says:

Y'all where here for the blue car on the background. Dont lie people.

srinitaaigaura says:

Just one question — this car has a small battery and it's very critical to it's peformance. Can this really run all day like an F1 car's ERS? I wonder if this can do one pedal driving like a Tesla…. man, what a vision CVK has with his cars.

Wonder what he will do next? How is he ever going to top this? An all electric hypercar? A sedan version? Or a Regera with that camless engine that will consume exactly 50 HP worth of gas where 50 HP is all that it needs… or a track focused beast?

Ted Davis says:

CVK is the man.

Greiguci Wootchie says:

0-100mph in 2.6 seconds, not 0-100klph

bryan playzgames says:

also Koenigsegg one will also win regera

bryan playzgames says:

DUDE koenigsegg one 0-300 12 Seconds

Akhil Ghosh says:

That rear, is something out of this world

Fredmfk2005 says:

went to my local airport with my yugo to rent it, and they tased me.

Uganda Man 144 says:

Must be nice, I would lose my mind if I was given one

dane frederick says:

So does the windshield wiper remain in the middle for aerodynamics or does it move out of the way?

Jr Manuel says:

hes sayin facts respect??

Mr Cut Folks says:

Why are there NO VIDEOS OF THIS CAR DRIVING OR TEST DRIVES BY ANYONE?? Is it even a real production car? Seems like a Joke. I've yet to see a video of this Car tearing it up on video like every other REAL SUPER CAR OUT THERE!

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