Koenigsegg Regera 0-404KMH

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Victor Hipolito says:

A tuatara destrói esse koenigsegg kkkk

Infamous XT says:

why are there paddle shifters if it’s only one gear

Alex Atakhanov says:

Paddle shifts in a car with one drive gear. Bravo koenigsegg

Deniz Ural says:

This var has a special gearbox and you dont shift and here is my question why is car has a shifting pedals can someone explain

Trxnl says:

So we gonna shift gears or nah???

Barney Stinson says:

to 400km/h in like 20 seconds is the time that most cars need to get to a 100 km/h 🙃

Black OBSıDIAN says:

Legend says the Thunder is Faster! 🔥

N M L O P Q R S says:

And I thought 70mph was fast lel

Kuba Falkowski says:

Remember when Bugatti did it first 😮
Shit is normal today goddamnt

trey VLOGS says:

Why is there a gear shifter if there's no gears?

Twana Sayar says:

Wow nice souped up prius

xX-HITMAN-47-Xx says:

Lada niva could do better

Marc Ramminger says:

Sadly, you can't downshift in this car

Samnang Dara says:

My friend uncle have this car and it sound shit i can say .🤷🏾‍♂️

EnkiTurboD says:

Is that a CVT ?

Nico Visceral says:


Калин Соколов says:

When this car upshifts, ill get a girlfriend.

Tot Tot says:

Its faster from 0-400 than my car at 0-100

Oswaldo Castillo says:

This car just keeps climbing!!!

Jan&Jakob Reviews says:

Ahhh the hypercar that has no gearbox

Nikolaos Velissarakos says:

you’re paying how much money for this car and you get useless paddle shifters? 🤣

SF WGAM says:

0-100 is bad tho 6 seconds damm my saab is 5 seconds but im not gonna talk about top speed lmaoo

bpech says:

Im hoping that was mph cuz that was a very slow start

MadJamYT says:

The video was 0-400-328

Team Lean says:

I want to ride one of these

Robin says:

That 200-300 jeezz

francesco tosi says:

Paddle shifter on a car with one gear ?

Lukas Broniewski says:

Sounds like a boat without gears changing

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