Koenigsegg Regera in the rain!

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We from Dutchbugs visited Koenigsegg recently and we got to see the new Koenigsegg Regera in action! Sadly the weather was bad but what a machine!


Osnar V says:

Water *falls *

Yassine Matties says:

I don't like the tyres at all and the looks from behind but instead it's Regera.

mateo najdoski says:


Brisa Monteros says:

Htvghhtujfh tu xkxjxjfhg

Amilton Araujo says:

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Emilian Lunkenbein-Geck says:

That is a Koenigsegg AGERA not Regera😂🤣

hyper yt says:

My favorite car

Cornellan Gelael says:

My dream car

Divyam Shahani says:

No way.It would skid too much

Компот says:

how cool he is

- ManillaZilla says:

I guess you can say he’s “racing in the rain” miright

Raquel ri says:

Can you get the :one

Ultralite NEO says:

Is no one gonna talk about that koenigsegg being a reign and not a regera?

raditya putra says:

If im wrong sorry but it looks like its a jesko not regera

deano video banter and bad drivers roche 220 says:

Useless in the wet 💦

Corbin Cox says:

Probably not the best idea…. forza horizon 3/4 vibes

Ismail Ibrahim says:

Would you like to get in islam❤️💛

Brass Tacks Boxing says:

Own this car in need for speed heat. Cost me 1.2 million. 😁

Mohammed Mohamed says:


Shrijan Buchasia says:

Anybody noticed that the man on wheel looked like Christian von Koenigsegg

Lightning says:

So Forza wasn’t being a punk…

Markus Varusk says:

Ahhhhhhhhh yes thousands of dollars in rain damage

Radu Stefan says:

vtec kicked in yo

Jacob H says:

The things I'd do to be able to drive this car😩

CarOholic says:

Straight up forza mode

كان أنتر says:

إيها الأجانب انا أنشر القرآن لوكانت أغاني لشتركتم 😂😂😂😂😂😂💔💔💔💔💔💔


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