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Koenigsegg Regera New Carbon Fiber Wheel Design — /INSIDE KOENIGSEGG

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The latest carbon fiber wheel created for the Koenigsegg Regera goes beyond the pure functional engineering of the previous CF wheel and adds design elements that can’t be done in aluminum.

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SevenDeMagnus says:

Hi. Does Koenisegg get design and materials help from Volvo? It's Sweden after all.

nikespeed14 says:

The wheel design is not that great

I'm Cmart says:

TBH I like this guy A LOT better than Elon musk.

Sam, The Car Guy says:

I like the design of the agera wheel over the regera

Kenny Phun says:

Can i order a set please? ?

roth heng says:

He's not from this planet

ya ping Sang says:

I like the fact that he told us exactly what they did.

Ali Bekir Kılıçkaya says:

Kralsın König baba

J Blob says:

man… that dude has the best job anyone has had… how did he manage to get his company so impressive by age 40?

Abdelmoniem Khider says:

I really like how this guy do all the interviews with all the visitors and do all the engineering explanations

Blink twice says:

sure unique, it look like the bio hazard symbol…

wesleysuperman says:

Elon Musk, and Christian von Koenigsegg need to collaborate. I don't know any other CEO's (Of top car manufacturers) who are as involved in their companies as these two.

King Koala says:

"so yeah, thats it."

mugensamurai says:

Did one of his employees watch a zombie movie and thought what a great idea it would be to use the bio-hazard symbol as a design for a wheel?

Connor Denisar says:

I bet their trash cans are made of carbon

Sorry my english is so suck says:

Engineerd and designed. Why is this the first time I hear this. I'm a product developer and I don't like design. I know that the wheel isn't best it could be. Its not pure mathematical shape it has been designed therefore I don't think it looks good. What Is art is math you can see. A wheel is easy to topologically optimize why not do that.

wusselfussel says:

I wonder why the rim doesnt have a well.

Mitchell says:

what does it look like on the other side?

vwartione says:

This guy is a genius.

X Burst says:

Best looking rims ever.

ABo MALA says:

It's nice to take video un FLAT mod but after it's made to perform a color correction … if not it's a bit stupid

Kaptenkaos says:

The Swedish accent is strong in this one

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