Koenigsegg Regera on Monaco GP Track! | Nico Rosberg

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Comment 3 Words to describe the Koenigsegg Regera! 👀 Incredible day: Racing this phenomenal Hybrid Hypercar on the Monaco GP Track and in the mountains! Subscribe to my channel, there’s more to come: https://bit.ly/NicoRosbergYT

Thank you for coming down with this phenomenal Hypercar, SIC CARAGE: https://www.carage.net/en/koenigsegg/

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It’s time for the 2021 Monaco F1 Grand Prix and I took the Koenigsegg Regera for a very special ride. I’m so impressed by all the precision and secret details Christian von Koenigsegg and his team put into this missile. Check out the vlog where we talk about all the technical details, showing the Koenigsegg Regera acceleration and driving performance on the track and in the mountains! It’s been amazing racing the 0-400-0 km/h World Record Hypercar! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Content Guide:
0:00 Koenigsegg Regera on Monaco GP Track!
0:25 First Look: The Regera!
3:05 How to Start a Koenigsegg!
4:31 First Ride: Monaco GP Track!
5:34 Ghost Mode!
6:23 Tech Talk: Koenigsegg!
10:23 Racing in the Mountains Part 1
14:05 Team Comms Issues…
14:23 Racing in the Mountains Part 2
15:32 Exploring Koenigsegg Details
16:42 Koenigsegg Regera Performance

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Nico Rosberg says:

Comment 3 Words to describe the Koenigsegg Regera! 👀 Incredible day: Racing this phenomenal Hybrid Hypercar on the Monaco GP Track and in the mountains! Subscribe to my channel, there’s more to come: https://bit.ly/NicoRosbergYT

Bernd Ecke says:

Is it an automatic Transmission? Because i saw the Paddles, so you can shift manual too?Because you said there is no Gears???I'm confused a little…

小林正博 says:

やっぱり…Nico RosbergもKoenigseggの様なHypercarがイイ(欲しい)😍んですかねぇ?🤔

siddharth karkera says:

3 words for me to describe koenigsegg regera will be NAKED CARBON BEAUTY

scintillating says:

Monaco is just a dream. Everyone wants it

tiftheTIF says:

How can a person who drove f1 cars, even care about those slow trash cans

Greg Thomas says:

Very nice 👍

Reegan Morrell says:

"Made in Sweden "

infoarsaudi says:

GMK fait comme toi niko en presentation, tout le monde n 'est pas champion du monde F1

Gregory F says:

3-words: unbelievable, unaffordable, untouchable. 😂

One thing that was weird in the video: the shifting of views (near the beginning), made it look LEft-hand or right-hand drives.

Andrés says:

Hybrid, beautiful, and FAST

Brian Bagdan says:

All digital. Give me analog.

Amber Spirit says:

16:58 Tesla rodster can go 400 kph in 19 sec

Magnus Enström says:

Koenigsegg should be the pace car in F1 I think 🤔

ernanv24 says:

I don't know this man but damn that's why they let him drive the car crazy because his a professional f1 driver.

Sammy Hamawi says:

Come eat at my lebanese restaurant on aruba

Vitor Hugo says:

16:25 nice miata


Its allready in the name.. Christian is the König

denmark39 says:

3:00 the middle part must be the exhaust, right?

Jaden Lavon says:

Astonishing, Beautiful, Sleek

Alfalfa Bojengels says:

Wow, that is so much better than my Sonata.

SG super says:

Love the sound. I think a Forza 350 scooter would be more fun so save your money.

Nigel McPhearson (Let's Go Brandon!) says:

NICO!!! Gears would not help go faster as the tires and traction are already the limiting factors with the system you have there.

Fredrik Westlund says:


Thank you Nico for sharing your experience with this amazing car as well as all great Podcasts your are producing.

All the best!


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