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Koenigsegg Regera on the Road | E-MODE, LOUD Start Up, CRAZY Sound, Spoiler+Christian Von Koenigsegg

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The Koenigsegg Regera was released earlier this year at the Geneva motor show and this is currently the only one in the world. There are soon to be another 80 built. The hypercar uses a 1,100 horsepower V8 combustion engine, combined with a 700 horsepower electric motor. However the engines have different power peaks so the maximum output is ‘only’ 1,500 horsepower.

In this video shot outside the factory in Sweden we see the Koenigsegg Regera driving around in E-Mode and in ‘sport mode’. I also caught a start up and filmed the spoiler moving up and down. Then we see Christian Von Koenigsegg with the car too.

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– 356Daly

Also check out the equipment I’m using:

Canon EOS 650D

Sony Actioncam AS30

Apple iMac

Power Pack

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Basti still [basti says:

The start is to little

The Real Skipper Bibbens o_o says:

imagine how quick it would me if it even had a transmission!

PocketMonster 00 says:

0:48 RIP headphone user

Tyler Pistilli says:

that start up scared me lol. sounds like a 98s corvette but like ten times louder I guess???

Paul Jr. Harrington says:

The fastest hybrid car in the world. With as much power as a Chiron, this could get decent MPG figures. Also, all movable body panels on this car automatically open.

xxmobstrxx 853 says:

Rip ears after the engine start

IHeartGaming says:

it looks awesome but can i see the damn car ripping though the track or is he getting ready to take a driving test

Luis Alfredo says:

el color es feo pero en NEGRO MATE U….

Elias Andersson says:

0:50 ?

davidsirmons says:

That regera is one ugly ass creature. Good lord. Looks like a kit car.

Joe says:

The red one is a lot more sexier..

Raptor 3698 says:

The car looks so beautiful from the side and front. Looks weird from the back and when the spoiler is down. Regardless FUCKIN amazing. 0:50 Scared me like shit. Probably a cold start or great audio position. Who cares still a demon.

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