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Koenigsegg Regera SOUND – Loud Startups and Driving!!

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I was able to catch the new 1800BHP Koenigsegg Regera driving! In this video we can see the car moving in full electric mode and at the push of a button the engine starts up to reveal an awesome sound. I am curious to see how the gearbox will work as the car doesn’t have mulitple gears but instead features a single-speed fixed gear. What do you think of this new Hypercar and how it sounds?

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Iron Man78 says:

Guys download real racing 3 it has all cars download now for free and racing enjoy and i have it hacked game i have lamborghini and koenigsegg all and bmw and ferarri

Timer Killer says:

I really love koenigsegg

MatheusHS says:

Da pra ver que copiou a traseira da Bugatti :/ aerodinâmica perfeita…

kam945 says:

Fuckin ugly car

Antonio says:

That's sound.?

Orange Peel says:

Koininsgessgsmshwhs have been making thes3 beautiful cars for years wow my favrioute koinigsegg before the regera was the one:1

Macfly71530 siropdecola71 says:


naitsabes says:

Ugliest car ever

Fabio Luiz says:


Master Kaiser says:

Why this car sound like my neighbour 4×4 truck.

Edwin Moore says:

Boy I got that car in my garage a konnieaegg regara

Luciano Kozak says:

Why so many thumbs down ?

Jr Varela says:

I wonder Hennessey Vemon F5 2019 gonna kill Regera .

Jr Varela says:

I wonder the game real life NFS Payback . not expensive is cheap hyper cars

Rock3t Gam3r says:

Who else came here because of csr racing 2 regera csr edition

Car Fans says:

I saw this car in the saloon last year.

Ncr 95 says:

Nfs Payback ?

aprinaleko says:

Almost perfect… Tail lights looking so sad…

Scozzi16 says:

Damn !!
Those rims r fcking disgusting ?

Erik Kunowsky says:

Sounds Like Diesel


So nfs payback was accurate with the exhaust

Ben Schröder says:

I Love your Intro what is the name oft this music?

JP - MOTOS says:

The exhaust isn't that chrome thing in the middle! Wtf am I doing with my life hauahaua

MayoPlays • says:

Is it electric or not
Ive seen videos when they were driving it without the engine making noise

YTS - MOTEUR says:

1800 hp ? LOL

Arelaw Paypayknow says:

i love this car

BLKKNG trapshxt says:

wait…so nfs really got the sound right for this car?? I thought they we're gonna take the forza route. goodshitghost

Micra says:

My other ride is your mom !

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