Koenigsegg Regera vs Ferrari LaFerrari at Highlands

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Video Produced by Assetto Corsa Racing Simulator

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TheRjbdam says:

What game is this from?

Kai Lärka says:

I thought it was real

Ken Feria says:

WOW! That was heartstopping!

Katherine Entress says:

Wow!!! Absolutely amazing!!!



Precious Life says:

Not real… Fake video… Only makes graphics

Priscila Mota Mota says:

Ond for 🇵🇹

John Silva says:

Too really!

David Maxwell says:

I heard the 2020 Corvette beat both of these slugs.

A Case says:

That was awesome

DrZar says:

It’s all fake.

Ricardo Cruz says:

What a show of excellent driving skills

MrBecker666 says:

The f-car definitely handles better but the k-car got him barely on the straights…simulator though only F1 drivers can drive like that for real and an F1 car is worth more than a k or f car

Andy Warner says:

Wow, at 5:26 somebody got lots of air

Jose luis Gamez ramirez says:

Papantla, tus hijos vuelan !!!

Magnus Pagnus says:

Silly.. this is all about the Ferrari, focus on that car only. Not serious.

Don Fuchs says:

Uhhhhh,……..to the comment below mine:If the "Finish Line" was right after a tight turn, the Ferrari would win,(with better handling in turns),….If the "Finish Line" was on a straight-a-way, (with plenty of time to gain some speed), the Koenigsegg would probably win,[if the Ferrari didn't have a decent "lead-out"]
Kinda like, a Mountain Bike VS. a racing drop bar bike, but in the mountains,………..😎✌🤘

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