Koenigsegg Regera vs Pagani Huayra Roadster

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During a private supercar event, Supercar Owners Circle in Switzerland, I have filmed a beautiful looking Koenigsegg Regera (behind the wheel Christian von Koenigsegg) in action on the drag strip, racing against a Pagani Huayra Roadster!

0:00 – 1:25 Arrivals
1:25 – 2:33 Arrivals
2:33 – 3:49 Koenigsegg Regera vs Pagani Huayra Roadster
3:50 – 6:28 Driving through Gstaad, Switzerland

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Gumbal says:

Something you don't see everday!

Doug J says:

Yet another Huayra driver who doesn't know how to properly use launch control smh


salve quem tem dinheiro !!

Aggelika Ba says:

Μουτες τα εργαλεία. Καυλα…

爱新觉罗锦 says:

one day this car will be my real car dont worry

Mustakim Rahman says:

Moral Of The Story, You Dont Fuck With Koenigsegg. And glad to see no civic and supra pussies are not crying telling we can beat regera. Feeling sad for that mercedes xD

rocket surgery says:

whats the difference between skinny tail light car and round tail light car? thank you.

Sina ghetmiri says:

Which city have this amazing streets?!

audin zamra says:

Ok. The cars are cool, but that place is absolutely majestic. Amazing location! ✨

Inferis says:

Funny how the Regera sounds the same from 0 to 200 km/h. It's like the engine is not even trying

Nicolás Porras Ardila says:

Imagine if Lamborghini decides to add a twin turbo to it's car 🤯

Henry The Ninja says:

That’s a gap and a half

Asier Perez says:

sus muertos un koniser descapotable que lastima

MaxiKing303 says:

that bump at 3:37 could be quite dangerous…

William Powers says:

Wonderful cars ! Europeans are very poor drag racers !

Bees Waxx says:

Every single one is soo unique it's hard to choose one over the other.

BlackPearl says:

6:10 The master has spoken!

K says:

High rollerrrr

Sergei Batiuk says:

So is Regera any good?

Mr Nice To Meet You says:

Sad to see that this car in person for the first time was an accident shows money cant buy skills

Tyler Depriest says:

Non of these guys know how to race nor drive they're million dollars cars bunch of tools

Oscar Wild says:

Something you don’t see everyday is a Citroën C3 behind a Regera, lol

Tom McDonough says:

Most beautiful place on the planet to race, yet they use moronic imeciles as race starters.

Gülşah GÜRKAN says:

I şike konnisegg

Jerry Rowe says:

Regera equals rocket ship

Jerry Rowe says:

Pagani has no chance on earth

jym daddy says:

Agera sounds terrible compared to the Zonda

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