Koenigsegg Regera vs Porsche GT2RS DRAG RACE

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KNC Koenigsegg Regera vs Porsche GT2RS
Video courtesy of IG: Supercarownerscircle


Jhonatan Willian says:

Passo parecendo a mãe com a chinela na mão

Raymand Doks says:

What do you think you're playing with? There's levels to this my guy, it's the Regera.

Sandieboy9 default army says:

Dam the gt2rs has a fast start

familyguy1 says:

I guess those gloves didn't help huh.

Hector Santana says:


Marco Navarro says:


Charlie McLaughlin says:

He walked your ass at 226 mph

Dac vien Nguyen says:

2019 is it swiss

J 3laize says:

That GT2RS on a track would be a MONSTER. That acceleration is RIDICULOUS 🔥 ; Koenigsegg is 🔥🔥 as always

Mike D says:

What’s so crazy, is that the carbon fiber rims on the Koenigsigg weigh less that the tires that are mounted on them.

Jean Camaney says:

El Batimóvil

TheRealChino40 says:

"Welcome to Gapplebees!"

alle says:


Baljeep says:

Hol up what the camera man drivin ?

Ray Donovan says:

What’s up with the gay gloves

_cant_find_a_username _ says:

No way the Porsche would've one against a koenigsegg

Manu says:


Zenon Ka says:

Every porshe driver got to have those glowes gives you +10 to acceleration and +15 handling

Denis Salja says:

Bye Bye Porsche!

lokendra rathore says:

Where is this place jason bro

The Goodfella says:

Auf der Geraden machen die Handschuhe auf jeden Fall Sinn 🤣😂

Robert Ercolini says:

I know the feeling well I just got my ass handed to me after fourth gear I fucked with the wrong sleeper all of a sudden I heard a big pop in this fucking car took off goodbye me

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