Koenigsegg Regera

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lori25hu says:

Hi excuse me , what you do for living ?
Kinda video 🤩

Shabana Rajab says:

Bro this is not a koinegsseg regera its an jesko😂😂🤣🤣

Lord Mateusz chuju says:

Relly not regera ( Agera)

SVT Whines says:

Gotta be ghost edition

•Rey YB• says:

Ik what a regera looks like and that's not one I see xD

NH Chino says:

those wheels are atrocious.

Josiah Sengendo says:

I think it did

Josiah Sengendo says:

How in the heck did get that car bro

MajorLeague says:

Sounds a lil pickup trucky if you ask me.

Rogue X says:

This reminds me of gta online driving into geralds ally way

James Shirrell says:

Its a sexy ass car

Justin Wong says:

That Koenigsegg is just like my wallpaper

Riza Soriano says:


Brittney Torner says:

How much is it worth if you have to come to a complete stop to get a car into an inch raised driveway? What road do you drive on that doesn't shred your 2 inch from the ground undercarriage?

TRS Wxlfyy says:

forza do be lookin different though 👀

Habil Miah says:

Wow nice car man

#in66 says:

В макдональдсе работаешь?

Farhan Al-Faruk says:

It's agera not ragera WTF

Justin McElveen says:

Hey can I get one for free. 804-834-2023

srinitaaigaura says:

Could use the lifter you know. He would get 6 inches ground clearance.

Abu bakar Bin ali says:

Hai semua orang boleh lari

JustLuisReally says:

My heart skipped a beat or two when I say how close the lip was to death

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