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Lamborghini Aventador S: Sideways In The Snow – Carfection

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Carfection says:

There's an extended clip of the flames coming out of the Aventador S. I'll post the link here if there's interest. Would you guys like to see that?

AnzaL Anzi says:

This channel is soo beautiful . The quality is just above awsome . The audios are perfect . No more other car channels coz i love this one . Hey you just got a new subscriber .

Mircea Camara says:

Same experience in an wrx sti….way cheaper

kabenitezguy says:

I'm feeling some really heavy top gear vibes and I'm digging it

Asher Nelakar says:

Just stop making videos. They're so boring and you talk too much

Daniel says:

you just won a new subscriber! great work man. loved the performante review as well..

najbang says:

I think this channel is gonna blow up to millions of subscribers real soon. Your videos are excellent!

Cj Vaans says:

That red Aventador S looks so good. The facelift doesn't bother me.

Dezz9820 says:

This video is so much better than some other youtubers who done the same thing. And they have more subs. SMH


My dream car/brand. ?

Nithin Ravi says:

good video. best car show!!!!

Jason JTuffFluff says:

How is this a thing? snowdrifting Lamborghini's? sign me up!

Slippy says:

its sad that stupid vlogs get shit ton of views , but this beautiful thing is stuck at 40 K

razi ariff says:

wondering how does it feel to drift one

FasterthaMyou says:

Hooning a Lambo in the snow, EPIC!!

Jonathan Alessandro says:

PERTAMINA!! #pride #indo #indopride

Luis Gustavo Salazar Morales says:

This channel deserves more views. The production and content quality is so high, it could be on TV.

vacuumunit says:

great video.. #funcar

Anish Ahuja says:

the McLaren 720s would nail any lambo.

aditya shubham says:

I can now rest in peace. I have seen the Aventador S spit fire. #Bliss

courtney Vegan says:

glad to see Lamborghini fixed the exhaust fire problem.

track time M says:

I can feel your passion for cars in this video and this is one of the best car videos I've ever seen congrats carfection

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