Lamborghini aventador S sound in malaysia

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Aventador S sound in malaysia


Tamires Albergoni says:

Caraca parece um monstro

Technical India says:

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ari utama says:

Hay gimana neh

Ardahacked hacked says:

Bizim tofaşlar bunları 5dk geçer

jojo 2019 says:

يماااا ايش هادا طيارة ولاسيارة😱


i love lamborhini

Thaniia Queen says:


Jnan Ospina says:

Bonito 🤤🤤😭😘

David Smith says:

Oh my God that is my dream car is super cool and it's so✋✋💵💵💵💸💲💸💸💲💲💸💲💸💸💸💸💲💸💸💸💸💲💲💸 satisfying

Reguardian says:

I love this sound

Arif Malik says:

🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘 super car

Minion s says:

Rafi ahmad, tertawa melihat ini😂

Tamu Mis3 says:

Wow so amazing labojini!!!!!!

Lol Haha says:

Location: Connaught avenue, cheras, kuala lumpur.
I used to work someplace not far away from here

Flacoo Pesao says:

Aaa no mames q perro está ese carro

gurpartap singh says:

Nice car👍🏻

Vilaneudojunio1 Costa says:

Júnior 😍

Anton Victory says:

Dalam ruangan

Ferderick Rengkang says:

Macam car parking multiplayer

Mhamad Amir says:

when i hear this sound my heart cry really its my dream i want this 💔💔💔

Angel Cardona says:


а5 ами says:


loca says:

We have two Lamborghini and one agera

Khaizuran K-Man says:

Its that yiannimize car?

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