Lamborghini Aventador SVJ REAL BEAST IN ACTION Interior Exterior Acceleration at Lamborghini Miami

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Lamborghini Aventador SVJ REAL BEAST IN ACTION Interior Exterior Start Up Revs Acceleration at Lamborghini Miami

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Big thanks to Prestige Imports – Lamborghini Miami for helping make this video!

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Vee Praka says:

Nice car dude!.. Idiotic driving though

Rohit Mohite says:

Nice car 😃

Harsha Bandreddi says:

that centanario looks like a spaceship

Susana Lora says:

Bacano 😎🇩🇴

The Maldos says:

That red steering wheel is phenomenal

Huy Nguyễn says:

The SVJ head design make me feel little like Centenario

Ibrahim Saleem Saleem says:

Insane cars

Jasman Singh says:

Whats the colour theme called?

Erick Schaefer says:

I pass by that dealer everyday hahah great to see an example of how miamians actually drive in this video

Spawny_95 says:

All I see is rich greed

Sm1 Sm1 says:

5:34 ✌🏽🚔

thelu22 hg23 says:

Good,đang xem.

Idugaua Conan says:

It is a normal thing to leave all the cars and start videoing the lambos

Best design ever, best sound ever

Huzaifah Zaharudin says:

This car is nothing when fossil fuel are not available in future

Legolas says:

This is the best spec SVJ i have seen so far!

Trường Mạnh says:


Aliezainal the lovers of light says:

Wow saya hanya bisa memandang belum bisa untuk memiliki!

PSORIK says:

Ой бл…понторезы. У нас на районе скоро будут реплики кататься за 500к рублей с тем же видом…хахах

Samuel Egunlusi says:

This car is breath taking and extremely cool. I love the color and the spec on this car.

Vitalii Panfilov says:

Awesome car🔥🔥🔥😈🖖

Samuel Mitchell aka SaturnSam775 says:

This is the POOWEERRR

Ralph Cifaretto says:

What is that black plastic piece on the side of the center console with the hexagons made into it for? I haven't seen that before.

Huy Luu says:

Uớc mơ chỉ là mơ ước

johnny font says:

Is the SVJ for sale if so what’s asking price?

alan cornelious says:

THIS VIDEO ,Is Off The Hook ,MAN, Just What The Doctor Ordered! Pure Sex Machines ,!! That Centenario ,BLAST Off 😁😁🙌😍😍😍 ✅✅✔✔Cool Or What Man , The Bull Rules The Road The S V J Well Excellence' 😎 ,And That Shelby's Cobra ,!Pure Iconic!!😍 , Bad Ass😎 Best Video ,That I Have Seen ,In Age's , Love To See More Video Like This One ,Brilliant, Fanstic, Awesome, Thank You And Good Night ,Pertolhead Gumball Fan ,Till I Die💜💜💞💙👌✊✋👊☝👍👏👏👏👋👐👏👏👏👏

Pokok e Bismillah _ says:

Give me one 😂

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