Lamborghini Aventador vs 700hp Audi RS7 – DRAG RACE

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It’s time for an Audi RS7 vs Aventador drag race! …No, we didn’t think we’d ever end up writing that, either.

But this is a drag race with a difference! Mat’s found himself in the Audi RS7, which has been tuned to deliver 700hp and a whopping 1,000Nm of torque!! What’s more, with it being the older generation, it comes in relatively cheap, costing around £40,000.

As for the Aventador SV? Well you’d be able to buy several RS7s for the price of one of these, with it being worth approximately £315,000!! And while it may have 50hp more than the Audi, it’s way down on torque, clocking in at 690Nm. So is the RS7 set to spring a surprise on everyone? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!

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carwow says:

Given this Aventador SV costs 7x MORE than this RS7, is it worth it? VOTE in the COMMENTS!


can u pls shoot lambo(any lambo)vs bugatti veyron

vitorcpc says:

As a channel focused on Drag Race I think you could go up a level in the technical tests. it would be enough to present the pilots' weight and fill the fuel tank with sufficient quantity to level the weight added to the cars in the sum of the pilot and fuel. this would make the test more fair and interesting.

Riadh eddine Miladi says:

The Lambo pilot is not good


Oguzand Andac says:

You need rs7 Abt 750 HP

anton de swardt says:

Please tell me what can beat a Quadro off the line?

Daviey says:

That rs7 reminds me of Michaels car from gta

Amir Muratović says:

You should race the bicycle and a truck full of bricks. It makes no sense, but why not

Malcolm Taylor says:

All performance Audis are AWD? really Mat? What's the R8 RWS then?

Adam Hamilton says:

That’s impressive! I do love the RS7

Petar Djokic says:

lambo is 1575kg, not 1750🤨

Paul Hill says:

The italians simply cannot make cars anymore, prehistoric dinosaurs beat by brilliant german engineering.

Unknown gamer 1710 says:

where the hell was the lambo enthusiast yianni???

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