Lamborghini Murcielago vs Pagani Zonda – Top Gear – BBC

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Top Gear’s tame racing driver the Stig makes his debut as the Lamborghini Murcielago and Pagani Zonda set the first power lap times, but which is faster?

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Harry Mason says:

Imagine the Lamborghini had the rear of the Zonda


I can't understand the concept of wetting the corners on a completely perfect dry day. One of those weird early decisions, eh?

3dgar 7eandro says:

This is How the Stig Born 🤯🤯🤯🤯👏👌👌👌

Med Ilyes Oudhini says:

OMG this is the first time he's introducing the Stig OMG I never thought I'll find this on youtube..and he used to wear BLAAAACK

brainfart says:

This is Forza 4 cuz The Hand is so….

Fast at Moving.

alex symmes says:

He said go on an internet

Ian Townsend says:

When top gear came back in 2002 they tried to make it fair to always make the track wet so it would be the same conditions for every car that's it wet in same places they used wet tankers

Donnie johnson says:

The corvette zr1 did a lap of 1:20 on a damp track probably could have cracked the teen's

Don Lee says:

why were the only parts wet right on the racing line? lol

Million Bpm says:

…..this series

Tsoi Kong Keung says:

the stig know is white not black

Chris S says:

So, no car will ever beat 1.23, who knew at that time there will be cars like Koenigsegg/Bugatti tearing all of them into pieces 😛

jpwe10 says:

Top Gear: The only youtube videos that can get 2 million plus views in 240p

Rory Peters says:

i really didnt expect them to show it on the first episode but yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaw!!!!!!

MrTheOliK says:

And you sir are correct! Good call!

Ben Dover says:

this was the first new top gear

Ahiachebel says:

there's only a difference: MJ was black, then turned white and then died. The stig instead was black, died, and after he died turned white… a bit like gandalf but darker at the beginning


some say he's the michael jackson in racer form. we call him, the stig.


2 words:

prove it

Rory Peters says:

Hard to believe top gears 10 years old now 😀 I wonder if they'll do a review of the Pagani Huayra for the first show back as a tribute

d horton says:

this was one of the first new top gear 2002

Michael says:

some say, the stig once counted to infinity…. TWICE!

James Lavender says:

240 p, hello again!

hayhaymanhay says:

ahhhh, a lambo with a manual transmission. cannot get better than that!

1VETaLEK2 says:

i now a car faster than that gtr r34 1200wbhp! or spoon nsx type R

KANYEda WESTaro says:

The Stig is incarnation of Ayrton Senna

Adam's moderately good LEGO creations says:

go on an internet, lol

Victor Kaczynski says:

Ben Collins is the Stig, even IMDB states it.

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