Lamborghini Sian Roadster, Omega Car, Hagerty Hot List – Daily Driver

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The Lamborghini Sian Roadster Hybrid gets revealed, a master builder makes a 100 MPG sports car, and Hagerty previews the hot list. Plus, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the Ford archives.. Host Maddie Zavala.



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nỗi lòng xa xứ says:

He shared how to install the motor power divider

losthighway53 says:

So hot, so very very obnoxious

Fred Sanke says:

Sian the Sham….

Jim Clarke says:

Just lookin ))

John Charpentier says:

The 2011-2014 Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon with the 6 speed manual should be on 2020 Hagerty Hot List!

yeahitskimmel says:

819 horsepower and the electric system provides 34?!? 😅😅😅
I'm sure that only adds a zillion dollars to the cars cost.
You could get the same gain from turning off the AC

DAVID Brown says:

Liars! You said top six potential collector cars . What are the other 3 ? Never mind , I unsubscribed !

Don Barzini says:

That electric system sounds superfluous af


Hoje eu quero andar de Lamborghini 🚥🚦🏁🇧🇷

dazzaburger says:

The Sian should be the new flagship model

Kevin Mo says:

I think finding out what is going to be trending in the future from todays vehicles is as easy as waiting 3 years. Most vehicles being made today are set to expire and turn into a waste heap of crap every three years. So anything that lives beyond that is at least a candidate.

Scott says:

Spicy. I like it.

Ibi waan kenobi says:

W123 Mercedes-Benz

M K says:

@Hagerty; @CaseyPutsch disappointed hagerty misspelled omega. Its "Omega car!". Listen to him talk about it or get spell check. Isn't Lamborghini pronouncing it sea-en or cy-en?

Billy Robert says:

Over lunch with Dick Brannen, head of Ford's drag racing program 1963-73, the discussion of the Bronco's name came up. Dick related that they had a drag car, a Mustang as I recall, with a terrible rear end bounce coming off the line. As a joke, they painted "Bronco" in bounced looking letters down the side. Ford marketing came over at some point saw their name, and asked if they'd registered the name — they had not — so they applied it to their new 4 X 4. And, what a great tribute to the growing line of horse themed cars; however, my vote was for the "Ass" instead of the Pinto for their sub-compact.

Propulsion Studios says:

Sian of the Dead

Peterson Oliveira says:

Boa tarde carro 1972 blazer US mags nimilz vai amém bom

ÆON VOX says:

Not even close to being convinced this woman likes cars at all.

Colja P. says:

The lady is really trying hard to be funny / witty.


Did this beautiful young Lady just "Hell Yeah Brother" us?

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