Lamborghini THROWING a party in London!

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Supercars on the streets – Just like every Christmas the Lamborghini dealership H.R. Owen throws a party in London, previous years they brought a Veneno and Centenario, this year they got 2 brand new Lamborghini Aventador SVJ’s.

Enjoy the video!

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Supercars on the streets says:

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1234 2 says:

I like your channel because you’re the best is

Glenn Gheerardyns says:

my father bought me a lamborghini for my birthday!!
no just kidding it was a bicycle

BDL 1000Jt says:

The is people from Sumatra island

Snehalata Deshpande says:

2:05 Ossam

Kuba Jarocki says:

pozdrawiam z polski

Adam Ousmane Mahamat says:

these cars are fast bro LOL but there kind cool ik supercars on the streets i love ur vid brb i love it thx but there so so cooool!!! and fast subscribe to super cars on the streets and like guys! becuse u love the car then subscribe to him and like when u like the cars ok make sure to do that guys remember okay! but i wish that i have like these cars becuse there fast

Hasan Karatay says:

Aynısını gönder ve şarkıya para göndereyim

Sebastian Buendia says:

que pedo con el perro

maria cabrera says:

m encantan el negro se parece al de mi primo

shabina kausar says:

I what a Lamborghini but I only have a Audi s8

Austin says:

2:02 thumbnail


Had to check if it was April 1st

Revers GamerYT says:

A lamborghini huracan is going to 50m for hour

Tahreem Mahmud pulok says:

Lamborghini Aventador roadster is brok by accident 😥by truck

Nilufar Nilufar says:

shuchu ya fhvfhv

atubul atubul029 says:

Qhdb nsp qkcvwkf

cesar Baltodano says:

intere sante

يوسف الجبوري says:


Nandu V says:

My favourite car

hamoudi khatib says:


Lesly Chavez says:

i love this super car lol

SFtheStart says:


Парни, помогите в развитии канала, делаю взаимки.

frances lawi says:

This one is fantastic

محمد حيدر says:


Сергей Вассын says:

А шерон моя мечта

Mateus papa capim says:

Alguem da Bahía

Mateus papa capim says:

Alguem brasileiro

Emine Arzık says:

Abi bir tane Bugatti bana

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