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Lamborghini URUS Interior and Exterior

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Lamborghini URUS Interior and Exterior

2018 Lamborghini URUS https://youtu.be/lmD_DH9rVvw


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Reynaldo Santiago says:

So georgus sports cars…like lambo..

Drew Ziarko says:

I own one of these

Enrique Castro says:

esta guapo el coche

김영헌 says:

suv I LOVE

Jay Jenkins says:

I have this vehicle on Forza H3. I use it for a lot of my off road races. Or I would use the F150 Raptor

ViRcOcHo Games says:

What Is The Acceleration the Car

The Dank Memeasaur says:

those mirrors are tiny for a car that size

Pablo Aldecoa says:

Vengo por Alpha xD

Juan i says:

LiKe si vienes por alpha

the real pepe says:

look what comes out if you fart into a aventador with closed doors

Michael CM says:

It looks like a big fat aventador

Bens Romeo says:

it's My dream i hope to get it some day ?????????????

xKingToxi says:

Side mirror so tiny

Alex Sebastian says:

tri edges of the front

Caio Caldas says:

Lambo could build more front-engine cars after the release of Urus ?

Jamie Budam Lanbert says:

Lamborghini twin turbo intercooler petrol engines : 20-100 l/100km, over 100 l/100km, easy damage by engineers' life style for brilliant.

End report from database in their brand.

Abbas Esmailzadeh says:

has no wings can't fly is a chicken what is it building toy for adults no thanks

Flávio Alexandre BS says:

O exterior é lindo…
Nenhum modelo SUV se compara em termos de beleza e destaque !!!
Mas o Interior ???
O interior é horrível !!!
Modelo SUV para 4 pessoas, Porta Malas inseguro para os passageiros e o Painel praticamente vazio, sem utilidades e beleza alguma…
O Interior ficou muito a desejar, por ser uma estréia na categoria SUV !!!
Por se tratar de uma Lamborghini, deveriam ter feito o Interior lindo da mesma forma que fizeram o Exterior…
Espero que mudem totalmente o Interior do Urus !!!

Terence Johnson says:

The showing of the interior wasn't very detailed. I'd still like to see the gear shifter and everything else inside the Urus.

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