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Lamborghini Urus on the road + startup!

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Quick clip showing the Urus been unloaded and startup noise, enjoy!

Exhaust clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq1ED16542k

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t3b0g0 says:

im sure the engine and interior are bonkers but the body design is kinda disappointing.

Cyboneuron Odland says:

The lambo for old overweight richies with no sense for style 🙂

MrRadioSwag says:

That’s it…?

jonathan stanley says:

this truck is so ugly lol looks like a lifted up ford focus

uniaguilar says:

Looks like my Lexus nx

Gucci Flip Flops says:

I’ll take the trackhawk thanks

D B says:

Boring appearance, might as well say "Kia" on it. Not deserving at all of the badge. Great way to ruin the brands mystique. German idiots. It should have been larger, and much wilder/more outrageous in appearance. And these various reviewers need to stop saying it follows the LM002. The LM002 was NOT an SUV, which is why it had almost NO storage area. It was a military desert transport vehicle designed for the Saudi Arabians originally. Thats why there are outside bench seats in the rear. I cant believe the number of complete idiots who keep calling the LM002 an SUV. It also was limited to only about 300 examples over several YEARS. The LM002 was a TRUE handmade exotic, like all Lambos before the Germans came in. This embarrassing Urus will be driven by clueless housewives to the supermarket with kids in child seats. A complete affront to the brand. Disgraceful

Rodrigo Costa says:


Rich Huncho says:

This shit is Ugly ?? Bentley truck Look better

SlavicKing says:

If bumblebee turned into a SUV

ginsunh says:

Ford Edge by Mansory.

Aaron Richards says:

I know Lamborghini started out with tractors, but they should have brought out a production version of the Estoque 4 door sedan before going to SUVs.

Sila Voli says:

цвет как у такси

bigbullbk says:

Nice car, wish I had one, but I know the money it costs to get one is based on the name and nothing else.

黃黃日森 says:

For rich men!

CCCP says:

Lamborghini died when Volksvagen & Audi bought it! This is nothing like a Lambo used to be!

M R says:

The yellow suits the sports cars but I'm not crazy about it on the SUV. Gorgeous nonetheless.

marks man says:

I hate it, but then I love it!!! I don't know.

MonkeyMonk Ma says:

this is some ugly ass shiii

WallStreet Review says:

Looks like a chinese car

Martin Mihálik says:

Color: Urinus

bayu primantoko says:

This is a car for rich people who want to look rich and didnt want to worry about speedbumps, its a lambo you can drive everyday, in a traffic jam without even worry about overheat, Q7 or CHR may as well capable of doing that, just not the look rich part, people just dont get it

chris Pee says:

I like the front half as soon as the rear seat door starts to just looks stupid all squished like that on the back. I mean i get it. they tryn to make it sporty but feel they shoulda put a lil more thot into it.

Binh Hoang says:

Lamborghini đã bước chân vào thị trường dong xe suv

Antonio Camargo says:

Literally why would you waste money on this? If you want an SUV get a Wrangler or a Toyota 4Runner. Hell even a Land Rover or Mercedes if you want to show off, but still have confidence in an off road scenario. But this thing? Why?

TheAmazingMrMcFlyy says:

I've been in LOVE with this car since 2012. Glad to see the real thing look even better, and that gialo thooooo ???

Joegen Lo says:

Very beautiFULL!!

Playonmob2 says:

To bad that Lamborghini maded their first SUV look so japanese

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