Lamborghini VENENO vs Pagani HUAYRA BC Drag Race | Forza Horizon 3

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Lamborghini Veneno vs Pagani Huayra BC Drag Race on Forza Horizon 3. Stay tune to see who wins the one mile drag race!

Also join our car club on FH3 Project Handbrake [P.H.]. It would be awesome to see some of you guys on here!

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Trey The person says:

My favorite car is my Huayra bc modded to tier x

Andrés Umaña says:

Lamborghini wins

Assaad Dib says:

Huayra BC has 800 hp not 740.

Agustv889 XD says:

Go pagani huayra bc!!! Yea

Muhaimin Abdul Rani says:

my favourite car is lamborghini veneno

Logan Nelson says:

Race starts at 1:32. Thank me later

Yoda says:

why does the pagani have so bad traction at the start and can u tune it to make it better ?

Hiba Khan says:

hate you pagani

Spiros Tallaros says:

i think it will win the lamporghini veneno

Moppopplop , says:

No how the pagini only went 210mph max when lambourghini veneno gos upto 241.3mph so I think veneno wins

JD Lebrasseur says:

(fun fact) the huayra bc's was made after the first owner of the regular huayra

LI BP says:

Veneno is a disappointment in performance not looks but it should have the power of the McLaren P1

Kevin Burr says:

The Huayra BC is the perfect tool for Goliath! I hand out DNFs every time I drive it lol

* microwave1236 * says:

why i watch this as a koenigsegg fanboy

Navin Techs and Entertainments says:

Game Name…??

Nardotini says:

Do veneno zonda Vulcan fxxk Chiron one:1

christian hernandez says:

veneno wins quarter mile

why so serious says:

huaayura is the best❤❤❤❤❤❤?????????

FusionSniping says:

why isnt there a pagani zonda R in forza h3 and in gran t 6 is the zonda r in the game

Xeliond 360 says:

Pagani Huayra made in Argentina

Xerro No Vatimo says:

actually the fastest Lamborghini ever made is the Diablo Coatl with a top speed of 239 mph

Lekiam Hola says:

El paganini es mejor que la lambo

Nathaniel Hardware says:

talk about the cars faster

Yusuf islam says:

ericship111 it,s a pagani zonda r

ชินโซ อาเบะ says:

i pround of AMG engine

Andrew Boyce says:

the panels on the bc are entirely different from the regular huayra

Kinetic gaming says:

I still like the veneno better

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