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Land Rover Discovery Sport vs Kia Sorento | TELEGRAPH CARS

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Which is the best seven-seater SUV for £30,000? Chris Knapman tests the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Kia Sorento to find out.

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swewunna says:

For me Kia wins hands down. I drive a Hyundai Santa Fe (Sorento's sister car). You have to have a lot of heart or subjective feelings over head to buy a more expensive, less reliable, shorter warranty vehicle which is less practical. Bearing in mind buying a 7 seater is to use not to show off unlike a 5 seater.

Zap Tv says:

7 years warranty Kia Vs 3 years Land Rover. If A car is Brand New 7 to 9 years warranty sounds just right unless the manufacturer isn't that confident.

Pappadappa Carhauler says:

I just traded xf jaguar for a new kia sorento. They are different animals. The jag was fast with a nice growl and the bower and wilkins stereo. But! My new soento is awesome! With the infinity sound system apple car play pano roof great ride its truly exceptional. And jags reliability can't compare with kia.

impactguns2 says:

He only gives us the starting price for both vehicles not the as tested price. Kia Sorento SX limited MSRP 44,500. Land Rover discovery MSRP 52,090. Kia also has better reliability than Land Rover.

Ash Newman says:

Technical term for owning a Land rover out of warranty: suicidal masochist.

Icansee u says:

7 years warranty wins every time and I'm from the UK.

Nigel Lyons says:

Sorry… it's just not worth any extra, in fact it (the Discovery), is worth a good deal less money. It doesn't drive better in any way, I know I tried it before choosing the Sorento.

You can sum it up like this:

Even the people that make the Discovery (Jaguar / Land Rover), have no faith in it, secretly they probably whinge at having to give even a frankly pathetic and ridiculous three year warranty, they know that's all its good for.

Kia on the other hand could score major points by offering just one more year, or really show the world and give five years warranty, or even rub Land Rovers face in it and give six years, DOUBLE Land Rover warranty. But actually when Kia sat round the table they must have said something like:

"Hold on, our cars are even better than that, in fact they're so good we can give SEVEN YEARS warranty".

Forget your opinion, it's worthless, read the contract:
That's all you need to know.

넘잼 says:

Huge SUV for fun?

Danielsan Pesongco says:

diesel on both?

primepants says:

I am from uk and the Kia wins.

Daniel I says:

Bit pointless testing a auto vs a manual

BuildAPrep Preparedness Outfitters says:

I own a 2014 Sorento. It is the best SUV I’ve owned and I’ve had Ford Escapes and other Trucks. decent fuel economy, acceleration, handling and speed. I don’t have the third row seats so I’ve got tons of storage. Never gotten stuck in the snow either and I only have front wheel drive. Land Rover doesn’t have shit on the Sorento.

Crazy Czech says:

South KorIA makes a much nicer car. You must be wearing your rover goggles. Less space, noisy tank, less smooth, more expensive, less towing. Less warranty, rover wins ??

Umair Gaming says:

KIA wins the only reason why people would say Discovery is because the badge period.

Paul Cleary says:

U said Kia rolled on coners but yet u has a button to press to select sport stearing

ерунда сэндвич says:

The Sorento wobble like a boat and it handles corner very poorly. Long as u travel on the highway, the Kia will do just fine. Don't bother driving around the city, it's a nightmare



Chris Bartlett says:

Brought to you by today's sponsor Land Rover – what a bullshit review, didn't seem to mention that to get the same spec in the LR, you need to spend another 15 grand?

Chris P says:

Discovery Sport every time. I bet it could drive anywhere too!

이예림 says:

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Petya Vasechkin says:

киа лучше! владею такой уже 3 месяца- машина супер!

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