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Land Rover Discovery SVX – The Goat

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Introducing the Land Rover Discovery SVX, our most capable and powerful Discovery yet. Developed and hand assembled by Special Vehicle Operations’ expert craftsmen, to take the Discovery’s versatility and off-road ability to new heights.

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Faraz Khan says:

Is it just me or the car actually looks photoshopped.

Richard Goins says:

I'm really disappointed in this SVX Disco. Disco is supposed to the be the go-to do-anything go-anywhere off roader. Winner of the Camel Trophy. Used in overlanding expeditions the world over. It looks like all you guys did was stuff a V8 engine in it and put on some A/T tires. Everyone's already modding their Range Rovers and Discos with Johnson Rods and A/T tires. So, nothing new there. And a V8? Meh. Does it make more torque than the diesel? Maybe, but I'd wager not much.

Is this supposed to compete with the Ford Raptor as a prerunner? With no real increase in ground clearance, I'd argue it's only marginally better than the regular Disco.

I feel like you guys missed a golden opportunity here to bring Land Rover back to the meat-and-potatoes and cast aside the stigma of "fashion accessory" you've gotten lately. :*(

Dmytry B says:

best offroader on Earth. gourgeous car, too bad it will be cost like RR.

Matt Tester says:

Looks like a cardboard cutout at the end with mud painted on it, as if someone almost forgot to put the car in the ad completely and had to knock something up quickly in Photoshop. Even the goat isn't impressed. Would be nice to know what the SVR model means other than orange bits.

Maksym Stupecki says:

I like the car and that commercial is also nice but damn… You could do that fake mud better. It's even on the black shadows of vents and the rims looks like they have glass on it covered in brown spots. Still nice video i like it.

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