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Land Rover Discovery Tows 110 Tonne Road Train

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The Land Rover Discovery has demonstrated its market leading towing capability by taking on a 110 tonne ‘road train’ convoy in the Australian Outback.

The Discovery SUV successfully pulled the 100m long 7 trailer & Tractor road train for 16km at an average speed of 44km/h (27.3mph) .

Click here to find out more about the Land Rover Discovery: http://bit.ly/2ro9c3P

-Maximum permissible towing weight for Discovery Td6 is 3,500kg (up to 3,720kg in NAS (Si6) specification).
-Five-seat variant (222g/km for seven seat models)
-This challenge was conducted under controlled conditions, including closed roads and having towing/engineering specialists supervising throughout.

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