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Land Rover Discovery v Toyota Land Cruiser – autocar.co.uk

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Land Rover Discovery v Toyota Land Cruiser – which is the ultimate off-roader? Full story, pictures and more videos at http://www.autocar.co.uk/News/NewsArticle/AllCars/248457/

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aafaq khan says:

It's Toyota land crusier Prado, a small and average version of Land crusier and it is still better than land rover.

Grahame Stroud says:

Land rovers win hands down , jap cars have had there day…… british is best

Costa Zambaras says:

Anyone who would choose the Land Rover over the Land Cruiser is a biased retard. Reliability, sophistication, resale value, cost of ownership… any measurable stat is in favor of the Toyota.

Svein-Harald Ribland says:

Why is the Landcruiser so ugly, and so bad to drive?

Don Olypopper says:

I’d rather have a Land Rover or Range Rover…….Toyota is the official vehicle of ISIS.

dubaicentripetal says:

Driving Range Rover desert

Abid Bashir says:

Land Rover Discovery 4 best 4×4 by far. Mine has been running a treat for 7 years.

lumpskie says:

When is he going to go offroad with them? I use public roads rougher than that!

Springer spaniel says:

You need deep pockets to own any Land Rover to be honest they are quite troublesome,,, whereas all you need do is just service the land cruiser every time it’s due,,, 200 thousand miles no problems. But the Land Rover discovery with the same mileage you be after pumping 20 grand and the rest into it no problem what so ever. I had a 2008 Range Rover sport HSE for 3 years, the first 12 months i had it trouble free? but the next two years the fuck’n thing nearly broke me ?? you name it and I’ll guarantee you i replaced it i must of spent 10 thousand euros plus. Land Rovers i think are designed for people who are loaded with money? buy one new keep it for 4 or 5 years and when it starts giving trouble trade it in and get another brand new one,, whereas if they bought a new Toyota Land Cruiser and kept it 10 years they would of saved €50 grand plus,, but then again I think the Toyota badge would be the biggest problem for most people. Stick the Lexus badge on the grill now your talking now we’re yuppies.

THE ONE says:

Wow a straight to the point comparison, rare as hens teeth so thank you very much! ??????????????????

vadim nesen says:

Land Rover is no longer made good. They make them in India if I'm not mistaken

Bry Guy says:

The Toyota is way more reliable and lasts forever , landrovers are like Chrysler"s never know if you will make it home and if your in the middle of nowhere making it home is the most important part !!!!

Mega King Grass says:

Both great 4x4s but as you have pointed out are built for different minded people. BTW the price different in Australia is a fair bit.

Han Umarn says:

Toyota means reliability for me, and I think that’s very important. It helps save cash in my pocket, and it always brings me home!

Mr. Cairo says:

Lured me in with a bullshit title. You shits. That is a Prado.

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