Le Grand Rendez-Vous: The official film

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The #LeGrandRendezVous is here. Take a look at the full film starring Charles Leclerc and the #FerrariSF90Stradale, directed by Claude Lelouch. #Ferrari
Read the full story: https://bit.ly/FerrariMagazine_LeGrandRendezVous

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JVA says:


All the poets and brilliant minds of the world have so far failed to come up with words that describe the feeling of disappointment I have at this moment. One of the biggest F ups I’ve seen on YouTube. It was all about the simplicity. It was seemingly a one man job. You had a whole team and completely utterly absolutely failed.

Jonathan Michael Smith says:

There was something special about the original.

jack_da_niels says:

The music is just annoying after 30 seconds….and the rest doesn't make sense…is there a subtitle or package insert I missed to understand it?

Rudy Duarte says:

Meh … a big miss on the audio if the sound of the wind drowns out the sound of the engine.

Krzaku says:

People hating on this, comparing it to the original, forgetting the original is so popular only due to nostalgia. It was not even a good video, he was going pretty slow and the faked sound was terrible.

Telegram Estonia BACKUP says:

What’s with the moronic slavemasks?

Fredrik Z says:

So a film less than 6 min long and 2min30s is Charles driving and we can't see much of Charles.

Enzo L says:

Charlotte est en train d’écrire…

Vicente Martinez says:

now I believe that ferrari is really fucked up

Don Achille says:

Wow, Ferrari, can't believe you made this. Appreciate the idea, but I'm really surprised you didn't just fire the people who executed this. Bravo.

kom jos says:

yeah, but why record the engine sound so poorly.. ;/

Josely Sylva says:

Vavheivav lamedPE

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