LEGO Koenigsegg Gemera | Openable Doors & Frunk | Fits 4 Minifigs

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Ones again, another Koenigsegg but this time, you’ll get to follow the design process! I feel like I’ve maybe done, a bit to many Koenigsegg builds. I’ve created the, Agera RS, Jesko and now also the Gemera! But Koenigseggs are always highly requested, and as I’m kinda planning to do another Set, I thought the Gemera could be a good, potential model, for that.
Anyway, I really hope you will like the video and the model!

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Please feel free to leave a comment about what you want me to design next!


fireflyyy gaming says:

love your vids man keep going amazing work

Daryl Hong says:

Wow its so cool but my question is where do you get all these individual blocks where can i buy all of them?

MiniRiceDaddy says:

Can we just tallk about how this is so good

Dex Low says:

You are breaking Physics your car is insane I swear you are gonna make one of the crazyst Mocs in the world

New Bricks MOCs says:

When is your next video?

The Gaming Milk says:

Ever think about a minifigure scale cybertruck i think with how you build it would be awsome

CatsPhalt 009 says:

Ah yes, the frunk…

Patrick Playz says:

5:24 its like the front of the 2020 toyota supra

Danyoo says:

Please make CCX speed champions size thanks <D

ThatMobileGamer says:

Hello I will use these techniques for my huracan porformonte

Analiza Obiscoro says:

Woah bro thats so cool

finn lacen says:

maybe a nissan gt-r modern you could recreate but awesome job

brickengineeringdude says:

Amazing! The fact that it fits 4 minifigs and has such a low roofline is incredible! Those seats look awesome too.

bani says:

You're 1 of my 3 favorite car moc creators EVER.

хорен мискарян says:

This is great car!Good job, David.Pease, can you make a Mercedes-Benz GT63s 4-door, this is my dreeeaaammmm car?

Alexander says:

Wowowow this design is amazing one of my favourite of all !!! The detail is insane and it actually works

test fpa61 says:

I love your building style and wish I could build cars as good as yours! ♥️♥️♥️

ютубер 18 says:

this ingenious how to open the hood doors

Yu Chen Liu says:

Can you please make Nissan GTR r32?

Sven’s lego Builds says:

Great vid😜😜


Very good work

madeleine says:

Wow this is amazing! the door design is genius. Can you try to create a bugatti veyron?

finn lacen says:

awesome job though! keep up the good work!

Eric Ortega says:

Dude that is awesome

finn lacen says:

do you reckon you could recreate a Lego Nissan gtr and/or a Mercedes amg that are both 8 studs wide?

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