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LEGO Speed Champions 2021 review vol. 1 – Koenigsegg Jesko / Toyota GR Supra / McLaren Elva

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We’ve been waiting for the new LEGO Speed Champions sets and here they are, my detailed review about the first batch:

76900 Koenigsegg Jesko
76901 Toyota GR Supra
76902 McLaren Elva

The new batch received a brand new dual-molded wheel design with new wheel covers, check out all the details in the video!

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CAN I GET 1 SUB? says:

Im happy i got the elva as u see my profile is mine

Barton Fletcher says:

Does anyone know any about customisation for the elva because i dont love the look of the no windshield

Barton Fletcher says:

The Jesko is great, the supra is still quite nice but the elva just looks a bit weird without a windscreen

Todd Robinson says:

I licked the old wheels and tires better, because they were separate. I would down grade the wheels to the 2020 Speed Champions sets

Tyfon 44 says:

Pitty those double packs are not sold separately.

Arsen Tatevosyan says:

Koenigsegg Jesko is my favorite

MezBricks says:

I like the Supra , but yes the broken headlights are not good.

jeffcon123 says:

I picked up the konigsegg at Walmart the other day it’s def the best looking of what they had available it was challenging to put together… looks great

Ckart says:

I love the gr supra and I also have the gr supra set

Ghost Gaming says:

I think 1. Jesko (it’s the best and best looking) 2. C8 (it’s is my favourite real car but I would have preferred if they made it normal and not race theme 3. Ford gt Heratage ( nothing bad just has some empty spots and the blue isn’t my fav) 4. Supra (not my favourite mk supra but it is almost perfect to the real one the headlights are not the best) 5. Bronco ( it looks great but I don’t like the back wheel holder and I wish it had suspension like the Ford raptor) 6. Purple charger ( I like the colour and everything about it just not my favourite car) 7. 68 corvette (it is a great original muscle just to blocky) 8. Elva ( it is not my favourite car and I don’t like the no windshield look) 9 the dragster ( speed champions is race cars and hyper cars and off-road and the dragster doesn’t fit the speed champions theme of cars) I think 2021 is 8.5/10

xHearthfirex says:

I really love supras but I have to say the jesko and the elva is better executed. The supras front is just not that accurate. Especially the headlights. Those ruin it for me 🙁

380Vic says:

Since we got toyota now, id love a gt86

ripperman25 says:

they really needed to do something else for the supra's lights

Tangy Water says:

A cool thing in the jesko, is during the build you’ll notice inside the car they implemented the Swedish flag.

FalknerX says:

Jesko doesn't have enough curvature to look like the real car, particularly the canopy. Looks very good as a lego build car itself tho.

David Andrei Soos says:

Ay have the conisseg and the supra

crazy brick productions 2 says:

I I I I is that a supra

Rdwyinspector88 Gaming says:

I didn’t really care for the new wheel dimensions on camera, but in person the wheels look great!

Typicalsword says:

I Have the Koenigsegg Jesko and I even made an engine design out of other pieces I had. The design is so amazing! The only downside though is that I cannot fit any of those fire pieces to represent nitro on the exhaust pipes. Overall, It's just awesome. I also like the Mclaren Elva because of its design and color. I've collected the old lego Speed champions sets(*= Don't have #=I broke it XD): #The Mclaren Siena, The #Porche 911 RSR and The Turbo 3.0, The INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE *2016 Ford GT and 1966 Ford GT40, The #Ford Mustang Fastback, The #Ferrari 488 GT3. I do have the Ferrari F8 Tributo and the Nissan GT-R Nismo from 2020.

(Sorry If that was too long 🙂 )

x yx says:

The Toyota Supra looks the most tamed compered to all of the speed champions sets,like,we just go a black and gold Lamborghini last year

claudio delgado says:

sin pilotos.????…cierra bien las cabinas con el piloto dentro.??????

Sorina says:

The funny thing is the koeniggzegg actually doesn’t have a gear shift it’s paddle shifters lmao

Mike says:

Not the supra we wanted, but the supra we have

Zer- says:

Let’s talk about how he didn’t even open the box by pressing on the opening tabs,he just used some type of blade

Unkwon123 says:

Am I the only one who build the jesko, and then modified then into a jesko absolute

Viet Hung Tran says:

I have the mclaren elva

Tommaso Grande says:


Marc Lahusky says:

Super front box art look like a Scene from initial d

Ulises Reyes says:

Got em today at the lego store 🥰

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