LEGO Speed Champions 75881 Ford GT & Ford GT40 Speed Build for Collecrors – Full Collection (12/39)

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LEGO 75881 Ford GT & 1966 Ford GT40

This video is for AFOLS (Adult Fan Of Lego), lego collectors and Parents who watch what lego they will buy. Also this video shows what pieces this set contains, which is extremely important for Lego collectors and for the stores they sell Lego pieces separatelly, because many sets contains very rare and expensive Lego pieces.

Pieces: 366 pcs
Price: £29.99 / $29.99 / 34.99€
Price per piece: 8.2p / 8.2c / 9.6c
Collection Construction: This is one of 39 sets in this collection (october 2019)

Interestingness for collectors:
Includes three minifigures: 2016 Ford GT racing driver, 1966 Ford GT40 racing driver and a race marshal.

History Lego Speed Champions:
In addition to typical LEGO building fun, the LEGO Speed Champions series of vehicles is particularly amazing thanks to its many authentic details: the LEGO minifigures are wearing racing car overalls, there is a winner’s cup, flags and detailed tools – inspired by their big role models Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche whether you are a passionate builder or a keen car fan, there is an exciting offer.

History of Lego
The LEGO Group had humble beginnings, starting in the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter from Billund, Denmark. The word LEGO is a contraction of two Danish words leg and godt meaning play well. In 1916, Christiansen bought a woodworking shop in Billund which had been in business since 1895. He earned his living by constructing houses and furniture for farmers in the region, with the help of a small staff of apprentices. His workshop burned down in 1924 when a fire, lit by two of his young sons, ignited some wood shavings. Undaunted, Ole Kirk took the disaster as an opportunity to construct a larger workshop, and worked towards expanding his business even further; however, the Great Depression would soon have an impact on his livelihood.

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Interesting LEGO fact:
– The Internet dating site “Plenty of Fish” devotes a section of their site to “Users Interested in LEGOs” to make it easier for Lego lovers to find each other.

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