Let's Drive this 1,200 Horsepower Dodge Demon APOCALYPSE!

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The Dodge Demon is already one of the most powerful street legal cars on the planet, so turning all the way to 1,200 is almost unheard of! Let’s see what kind of animal Baily’s Hyperformance has created! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Thanks for watching and click below for the links to BLOVED & BAILY’S HYPERFORMANCE!



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Skip Ahead!:
Introducing the Dodge Demon Apocalypse!: 00:00
Exterior: 00:46
Exhaust: 03:56
Interior: 04:27
Engine: 05:36
Driving The Apocolypse: 06:20
Final Thoughts (Thanks for watching!): 11:01


Cory Wehring says:

1,200 horsepower is not legal.

haluk bilgin says:

I have a measly V6 SXT, enough for me , but I am 62 years old.

Superior Fit Body LLC says:

Where is Baileys located?

Raquan Curry says:

Song please

John Camporelli says:

I bought one with the 1,200 horse power, and I love it!. One thing though the cops in the area, are aware, I have one, so every time, I step outside and get in my Dodge Demon the cops are near by to see if I’m gonna take the Demon to drive excessively fast. I’m aware of the situation, and not giving them the time or place to ticket me, it’s not happening. Keep waiting, it’s not going to happened. Have a clean driving record, and not about to start racking up the points. Perhaps, they are watching to see how fast, it goes down the road. Love 💕 my Dodge Demon 👿 !.

James Jones says:

Absurd is one word.

Tj Mondragon says:

Daaaaam…i thought i was fast in my 374hp Chally R/T…if there is Apocalypse, Demon, Hellcat then i guess i am like at idk um SleepyHellcat lol

SwaggyT says:

turned off as soon of the advertised 1200hp was a HOAX. should’ve just said 900hp BrOOOoOO

Big J says:

In realiti I don't think this was the fastest car anyway Not many if any could duplicate the factory numbers but now the demon days are numbered You have a bout 40 days in joy.

Elliott George says:

I don't like the color ,won't take it

DR3DD says:

Traction left the chat…

The Best says:

Is this a pro mod?

RomX says:

This car wants to see German Autoband coming like a Hellcat

Doxxed says:

All Gina no games but the camera man was scared for his life

DeMar says:

aren't u JV from MostWanted? From Dodge Viper to Dodge Challenger

Brandon Lassiter says:

It’s only a 2wd, that’s crazy

kevin delporte says:

I like to see drag race against tesla model S P100D

First Nation says:

The car is whistling

Slave of Allah says:

Man this owner sure got some great car taste

Moto Chaos says:

If you can deal with the wined that’s why I want the car because of the amazing sound it makes

Maaz Umar says:

U can get a 1500 hp now lol😭

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