Let's Open 2021 Hot Wheels – Corvette C8R, Mclaren Speedtail

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Opening NEW 2021 Hot Wheels including the Corvette C8R, Mclaren Speedtail and Ford GT40 Mark IV.
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Let’s Open 2021 Hot Wheels – Corvette C8R, Mclaren Speedtail
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Bidduram Beharry says:

I like. Chevy Silverado

shamsija s says:

2020 jeep gladiator 😁

shamsija s says:

Awesome mclaren speed tail my friend have been surprised he liked it so much

shamsija s says:

Cool chevy silverado lt boss

pranav A says:

Yeah it is bull for Chinese New Year bull is called nian in Chinese

Snickerbar18 says:

Found the c8 yesterday at Walmart!

Pintony1 says:

have you raced a classic collection?

Luiz Almeida says:

The Batman Batmobile Batman comentários 88

Luiz Almeida says:

The Batman Batmobile Batman comentários 88

Luiz Almeida says:

The Batman Batmobile Batman comentários 88

Nir Haimov says:

Best channel ever right

Leo Emanuele says:

Hi ptr I have a cuestion, i have the silver bugatti veyron from 2002 how much it cost??? Pls

Josh Bryant says:

I'm sure you've already done this but can you go over the cars in the background? The super/hypercars are my favorite and I see a lot in the background that I've never seen..love your vids bro, keep'em coming 😁

Aaron McHenry says:

What time is your tournament on Sunday because I want to see the live stream, and want to see the 84 Audi sport quattro

Rana Zanganah says:

I love your videos so much

Tawnia Murphy says:

It’s year of the ox

Ikal Rosas says:

Ikal Rosas Avalos

More Subbickbe Stuff says:

Favorite cars imo
The Mystery Machine
2019 Kia Stinger GT
Orange Mclaren Speedtail
'55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser
Corvette C8R
Corvette C7 Z06 Convertable
'20 Jeep Gladiator
'98 Subaru Impreza 22B STI-Version
'67 Camaro
'64 Ford GT-40 Mark IV
Formula E Gen 2 car
Taco car (Car-De-Asada)

Samuel Washburn says:

Love the new recolor of the Kia Stinger GT man

Alex Bergeron says:

I have 6 of them from the unboxing video.

Alex Bergeron says:

Gt Hunter looks so cool and that blue paint job and the gray base and white wheels so 😎 🆒️.

Tene Brio says:

Just a grown up man playing with toy cars 😂🚙🏎🚗

Bass God says:

12:13 not trying to be nit picky at all 😅

but the reason that it’s not called the Dodge Ram is because years ago Ram became its own company and left dodge. However they both are owned by the same company and they also share a lot of the same parts with each other. (Engines, transmissions, etc) So technically you can still call it a dodge but they are separate companies. Great video btw 👍

Carmen Anento says:

The Formula E is a Citroen DS Techetaah

Amazing Cars!!13 says:

I have three of the cars you unboxed in this video from today.

Miguel Terra Boeira Da Silva says:


Amazing Cars!!13 says:

When will you race these toy cars from Hot Wheels on your six lane Hot Wheels track???

Amazing Cars!!13 says:

I have three E case Hot Wheels toy cars two of them are new for 2021.

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