Lewis Hamilton tests NEW 18-inch Pirelli Tyres for 2022 Season! – Mercedes-AMG F1 at Imola Circuit!

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Watch the Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton testing the new 18-inch Pirelli tyres at Imola Circuit for the first time!
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– Event: 2022 Pirelli 18-inch Tyres Test
– Where: Imola, Italy
– When: 20th April 2021

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I have to thank my friends and youtubers @19Bozzy92 and @Italiansupercarvideo for the great collaboration done during the event. Don’t forget to subscribe to their channels!


DJ JayDee says:

Why are F1 cars so quiet on TV? On the video, the sound is brutal.

Lanzer says:

It‘s the 2019 car with the current livery … don‘t get MAD

Alain Martel says:

Just one question : Why don't they use those wheels RIGHT NOW ?

Meme Raven says:

Hope they keep rim area open.. And not close it like they did in 2009..

Malcolm Johnson says:

“Get in there lewis!” The G.O.A.T back at it to win his 8th championship race

Mbal 40 says:

Black Tyres Matter 👊🏻

The smiler09 0 says:

Them tyres are MASSIVE

Wangan Midnight says:

You can kind of see how much of a current day's F1 car's suspension is on the tyres by how stiff-looking said car is with 18in wheels. Its jiggling and bouncing all over the place

Mihai says:

Soon, f1 cars will be like trucks with tractor tires…

Darren AM says:

Lewis has seen so many reg changes over the years. I think he might even have caught the back end of the V10 days ?. He has adapted to all of them where others have not. Will he adapt and still win with the next major reg change next year ?….yes.

verklempt says:

Damn those wheels are massive

random guy says:

Too bad in MiamiGP a Florida Man will steal his tyre, yet he'd still win without tyres

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