Lewis Hamilton vs. Usain Bolt – Crazy AMG Onboard Action in Austin!

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When our friends at PUMA brought the legendary Usain Bolt along to the United States Grand Prix, there was only one thing to do…

Two megastar athletes, one race track… this ride is totally #GearedForFaster! Check it out!


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Alvin Ang says:

That was a fastttt ride man!

Lord Inter says:

the fastest man on earth with the fastest man on earth 😁

張雲程 says:

BnB on fire

Paulo Vieira says:

Duas figuraças numa máquina incrível!!! Perfeito. Imagina o quanto o Lewis se divertiu… kkkkkkk

Carlos Patron says:

That the best drifting I ever seen

Charles Ndung'u says:

Bolt looks like a happy but scared meme! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Le Spaz says:

beautiful this one

J. Anderson says:

I don't understand how you get in the car with the world champ and want to tell him how to drive the car. Enjoy the ride and shut the hell up or don't get in the car.

orazal99 says:

I think for an F1 driver, driving a car like this is like getting stuck in traffic jam although you are the only car on the track.

Hari Sankar H says:

When Bolt said "Oh God please be on" I thought he ment if god was on

BFB-DanceySteve says:

Not a single, 'Bloodclart'. Disappointed…

Ziko Zik says:

Jus two guys chillin. Made my day🌹❤️

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