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It’s time for Lexus vs Aston Martin. How does the Lexus LC 500 hold up vs the Aston Martin DB11 V12 Coupe on the AMCI track test? When it comes to wet corning, slalom performance, lap time and overall handling is the Lexus LC world-class prestige luxury coupe comparable to the expensive Aston Martin DB11 V12 Coupe? Watch to find out what pro driver Justin Bell uncovers at the wheel of each of these high performance vehicles—the Lexus high-performance LC 500 and Aston Martin DB11 on a closed-course. Spoiler alert: AMCI testing has certified that this Lexus vehicle is nearly identical.

Discover a near-perfect weight distribution, a strikingly low center of gravity and instinctive handling. Experience the future of Lexus high performance and experience amazing in a Lexus automobile.

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Rizki Ferdian says:

Japanese vs British? Well not only cars but history tells us Japanese is braver in all aspects! In positive manner. Even here in Indonesia *uhum..

Vladsta says:

British cars unreliable for the most part and are bought off from indians and chinese, overpriced too

TheMuzikall says:

Lexus is all about Useable Power🥳 the 600bhp is the DB11's Pandora

boobybooboobe_ ar says:

As always… LeXuS mAdE tHe vIdEo sO bY tHaT lOgIc iT wIlL wIn

Maplecook says:

There is absolutely no reason on Earth, the Aston Martin should cost twice what the LC500 does. Either it's STUPIDLY OVERPRICED, or the LC is stupidly underpriced.

Jonathan Rockey says:

The LC 500 looks like the concept drawings before production

Jonathan Rockey says:

The LC 500 looks like the concept drawings before production

Keyboard Dancers says:

Turn off that music!

Sharath Sasi says:

Lexus 500 win

/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

Er, great advert Lexus.

/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

The Lexus looks like it's from the future whereas the Aston, by comparison, looks like it's from the past.

Saleh Al-Saadi says:

The only car that can make an Aston Martin owner turn their head

Haven Tran says:

I never realize how ugly the Aston Martin is until it sit next to the LC 500.

Waseem 5500 says:

LC500 WON the BATTLE OF the luxurious SPORTY COUPE

Marty 'Kickingwolf' Bigwave says:

Technically, a Sports-Car does not have a back seat.
⭐ Two-Doors and a back seat with a high performance package makes it a BRITISH MUSCLE-CAR.
Although the ONE-77, the Superleggera and the Vulcan would be classified as Super-Cars, closer to the Bugattis and the Lamborghinis.

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