Lexus LS 430 Top Speed

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Going at 259km/h Top Speed ! Please send me a message for another cars Top speed


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Christos Eleftheriadis says:

Which year is that LS430? My 2005 has a 280 combination meter.

BornToBeFamed says:

Need boost lol. Supercharge it

LIANG XU says:

I'm now driving the same car, 2006 year model. I've only tried 140 miles and it was pretty stable. But the break is a kind of weak compare to the heavy body, even though I have replaced the front break discs and pads.

Jaime Sanchez says:

About 2 buy this car Friday. !

TurjoJewel Jewel says:

Hat's off

sniperBOBAH says:

34°C outside…

Jerzy Grocholski says:


شامخ الهامه says:


Debbie Holcomb says:

BTW this is 170 mph just in case you did not know ?

Christopher Bailey says:

Too Easy 🙂 I have the same, Phenomenal machines!

Michael Turpen says:

You should turn off your fog lamps in clear weather, especially at those speeds.

علي السديري says:

سياره صح وا بس مافي سياره بعد الكزس لنهاء مارك وابعد لكزس بي ام او مرسيدس بس لكزس الاول بعد المذكور لكم

علي السديري says:

ممتاز اوي اوي حسن سياره في الخليج العربي وا فاخر وا هيب وا نضار وا تلفة الانضار

BreakingSpeedLimits says:

Don't worry guys always wear it this time I wasn't paying attention ?

The Tyttuutface says:

Put yer goddamn seatbelt on!

h mauldin says:

i think its really stupid of you to drive that fast and record it on your phone very unsafe WOW your car goes fast like everyone else 

Bryan Johnson says:

also what is the noise at 1:20?

Bryan Johnson says:

At least he put his seatbelt on for the 2nd run… LOL

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