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Lexus LS 430

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This is a Lexus commercial showing off the 2002 Lexus LS 430.

Please keep in mind that this was a student project.

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oh ok says:

more big words pleaese.

Mr. Salem says:

Best thing ever made was by JAPAN even my Play Station made by japan.

A F A says:

Go with the 2004 through 2006 model. Nicer headlights, revised transmission, and more technology.

A F A says:

I own a 2004 model. It is one of the best cars ever built. Absolutely love driving it.

plaqueconspiracy says:

I have 2 Audis and I have constant problems.

kirbyswarp says:

@methtweaker23 I have had many american cars, and all of that bull shit about reliability is stupid, my cousin's cavalier is going strong at 245k and so are all of the chevy and ford trucks going way past 300k. And my friend's gx470 is only 6 years old andt the clear cost came off( in california) and so many things have broken after only 75k. Plus its loud as hell, and has laughable legroom, and price.

Duman328 says:

Its a copy from mercedes and bmw. the best cars are german cars!

99Maxima says:

This was a cool video. I am an LS430 driver myself and love the car! That 430 could use a major detail though! The leather in that car had seen better days. I really enjoyed this short film. Nice job!

POV Automobile Test Driver says:

I am a HUGE Mercedes-Benz fan and enthusiast, and I can say that this car is wonderful (we have one). It is very comfortable, yet also has a powerful and great-sounding engine. It is pointless to argue that German cars are better than Japanese cars, because they both are meant to target different groups of people…and they both succeed in satisfying those targets. Again, this is coming from a HUGE fan of German cars.

kirbyswarp says:

@DragonsKing91 So and if it camme out in 2007, why does it still cost more than a new car??And plus i dont like mb or bmw either-

kirbyswarp says:

@DragonsKing91 Yes, and my cadillac has got 150k on it and nothing has ever broken on it, and lexus really doesn't have value.The new buick Lacrosse beats the lexus E350 in every way, even interior materials are better. The hs250h is an overpriced prius, that has no value at all. The ct250h is ugly, slow, costs alot, and doesnt even get great milage, Dont get me started on the gx470-teribble cars- the seats are unconfortabe, legroom is a disgrace to suvs when you start it, the engine is SO LOUD

Ben Bowcott says:

0-60 in 5.4

Cars Time says:

sssssssss so much ssssssss hahahahhahah

Thomas Nguyen says:

Lexus is Number #1.

kirbyswarp says:

BMW, Mercedes and Audi are like the kids who worked har…d to get through a tough school system from Kindergarden to graduation. Lexus is like the rich spoiled kid whose rich daddy (Toyota) literally paid off the school and bought a diploma for them thus giving them the "status" of "luxury brand". Yeah, whatever. Lexus sucks. Brand prestige and heritage has to be EARNED through history. BMWs got it. Audi has got it. Mercedes has definitely got it. Lexus doesn't.

didafm says:

What is the name of the song in this video?
Thanks in advance

Thomas Nguyen says:

I didn't have Satellite Navigation on my LS either. It was the basic model. But it ran fine i took it everywhere.

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