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Lexus LS 460 TV Commercial

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Lexus LS 460 TV Commercial with superb piano soundtrack

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Jay G. says:

this car reminds me of the BMW 7 series both good cars

anum ali says:

okay thanks! 🙂

B24Fox says:

browse through the very first comments that were posted a few years ago.. i remember someone there wrote the name of the composer or something..

flammnkta says:

I love MB. But Lexus is my favorite.

SuperRegal79 says:

But then,who are you to say Mercedes doesn't make reliable cars?Amateur hour is over & in truth,both Mercedes & Lexus are high end,high tech,classy luxury cars.Most people who bitch/moan about one being better than the other are usually mentally deficient types who get "jizzed" about "choosing sides".Most whom would never be able to afford something of this class.My first car was a 95' Mercedes S420 (inherited from my grandfather).I now own a 2010 Audi Q7.I know luxury cars when I see them!

SuperRegal79 says:

It never was and never will be.Toyota Motor Corp has just as much right to create their own image of a premium luxury saloon as Daimler AG,BMW,and Audi.All this hate is coming from losers who wouldn't even be able to afford a car of this class even in their worse nightmares.I just poke my head back and laugh my ass off at their mediocrity.

skylinercraft says:

Wow! You guys really seem to be little school kids, who are catching their bus to school every morning.

GQAlix says:

You're so wrong. Lexus' goal is to make a car in the future that do not ever needs to be serviced, that's what the slogan "Pursuit of Perfection" means.
Remember that Lexus made the first true HYBRID LUXURY CAR not Mercedes Benz or BMW.

Jubbbbb says:

@Ministock22n Its a nice thought that Saab competes with Lexus, although I am looking forward to the new 9-5 a lot. "Move your mind" seems like a generic car slogan that incorporates movement, like Toyota's "moving forward", Holden's "Go" and Mazda's "Zoom-zoom". Lexus have a reputation for unsurpassed quality and dealer service, their "pursuit of perfection" slogan has been used since the beginning and is a key Lexus identifier and trait, much like BMW's sporty "ultimate driving machine" image.

Jubbbbb says:

No, by your definition Lexus aim to catch or overtake *perfection*, not the competition, unless of course you consider the manufacturers of competing cars perfect, which i don't think any reasonable person would say.

I understand that "perfect" is derived from Latin and conveys the notion that something is absolutely complete with nothing more possible to do.

I'd say Lexus' slogan is the best in the industry because it is so relevant to the brand. BMW's slogan is also very good.

michael greene says:

@ansettnz100 Typical low-class scum…

atomical @ gmail.com says:

i don't see it.

fyi 7 series redesign came out after ls460…

lexusES350h says:

holy FUCK.. k well I have a lexus es350 and its great but i enver saw the ls before.. a friend won it in a raffle in his local mall and i just realized how expensive this car acually is… O_OOOOOOO

PoltergeistWorks says:

One of the best commercials in the world …

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