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Lexus LS 600h

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The strongest hybrid limousine world-wide: The Lexus LS 600 h

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adamY2K says:

its been nearly a year since the equus has been launched and it has nowhere near reached the level lexus reached upon its launch. Forget trying to compete with lexus no BMW mercedes or audi buyer will even look at the equus, whereas when the LS was launched it was so advanced and good that so many people switched and gave in to the fact that Lexus was and still probably is the most advanced luxury car manufacturer on the planet. If they wanted to they could make anything

Javi Martínez says:


SagaraSouske says:

@lavakava Although I am a huge fan of Lexus I have a feeling Hyundai is soon to take that crown away with the new Equus.

Vicki Vu says:

no sunroof? seriously? lame

Supercars226 says:

@Bongwater123 also you should ask the person what they mean, like what i said up there^^^^ before you go and criticize them. i didnt mean the dealerships, i mean THE ACTUAL FACTORY IN JAPAN. obviously there are millions of lexus dealerships around the world. who do you think you are? pffft poor. u can go call some other person that but not me.

Supercars226 says:

@Bongwater123 i know that but lexus is MADE in japan. duh.

Supercars226 says:

@axristi I personnally am a Mercedes fan, not too many more lexus' going out now because of the tsunami. SUCKS FOR LEXUS.

ExquiziteSTORM says:

@CroRuption 112k ?
lol in Australia its $250,000 !

Antonio D says:

112k for this?

Christopher Omar says:

@eleganz leave him/her alone… is just a damn cooment of a damn car… lol

chasetrussel says:

Will I ever have this car? God must hate me

subbie power says:

gotta love lexus i have an es300 220+ miles n still running strong!

Ricardo Montalban says:

Los autos nipones, son los mejores del planeta, Wow, nada que ver con la antigüedad Europea y las deficiencias americanas en autos, Wow, ojalá pronto esté en México, para hacerlo aqui, contribuyendo con la innovación y calidad de éste país, y que estén en Chihuahua Capital.

علي محمودي says:

lexus is always the best

MrEverybody6264 says:

@axristi 4 years in nothing,my father had an lexus gs300-1996-that car didnt broken for 14 years!!!!!14 YEARS-NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!now he has an LS600HL that also is awesome!!!

ClassicPistons says:

is it sold in europe?

Clay Woodham says:

why is this so expensive?

OneOfaKind949 says:

I wish more car companies out there were as reliable as Lexus is.

nielssietse says:

it's not a limousine

Matthew Catlow says:

Then why the globe is cooling dumb ass?
Global warming is just a way for people to make money, Gore to promote his book, and President Obama to screw the American people over. If that isn't it then please tell me what it is about.

Angel Christov says:

@Lexlus42 first of all the mpg's have nothing to do with how good the car is for the environment, actually check around and you will see that the 600hl has the rating of SULEV(Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle) it's the CO2 expelled into the atmosphere that determines how environmentally friendly a car is, not how many miles per gallon it makes.

KX500Hawaii says:

global warming is real its happening as we speak it will effect us in are life time im sure ur funny man…

Matthew Catlow says:

Oh your doing a great thing for the environment when you buy a hybrid v8 that gets 20 miles per gallon. STUPID!!!
If you buy a hybrid that gets 20MPG and you really think your doing something for the environment then your an idiot.
And by the way global warming is a damn hoax.

beyondthegrave2005 says:

I own a Camry and have ridden in a few of the different ES models…. Feels like a comfortable ride to me.

beyondthegrave2005 says:

The Celsior/LS line was never designed to be a pure sports car like most of its Euro counterparts. It was always set to be that one luxury car that stands out with it's somewhat sporty look and feel.

G35coupeman says:

Nice car. In many comparison tests, Lexus cannot compete with the Europeans in performance. The suspension of Lexus is too soft.

Londo Mollari says:

It wouldn't. Just as IS-F can't match up with C63 AMG.


Londo Mollari says:

Now look how arrogant Lexus drivers are. You got minused down in a blink of an eye for stating a real fact. Lexus LS 600h is a huge car and it's got smaller boot than Renault Clio. It's a fact.

But Lexus driver's are fools, they're never gonna admit they drive something which is dull and inferior.

Oh, my comment is gonna have a -6 tag in a couple of hours too for sure.

mackiechang says:

you buy into stereotypes, don't you?

Serkan Kara says:

I like this car,but is has not a diesel engine 🙁

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