Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador w/ Fi Exhaust – Start, Revs & Fly By's!

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I got the opportunity to film this insane loud Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador with a Fi Exhaust System! It was together with a Libery Walk Ferrari 458 and a Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R R35. This video shows you the unloading, start ups, revs with flames and loud fly by’s! I hope you enjoy the video!

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Chris /CvdZijden

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A 44 TO CHANNEL says:

Kapan Ya ….punya Super Car….🤗🤗😥😥😭😪😪

Ali Yiğitsoy says:

Der hört sich aber an als würde er auf Joke laufen 🤔

Ali Yiğitsoy says:

Du schickst mir den Lamborghini sofort zu mir 🐺

722 slr says:

The non-reflection of this history itne up based crimes in the Lamborghini windows cub that Ferrari had an even plastered groups criminals on the side did if is that if the Nazi Hakenkreuz non GB war criminals of Japan drawn here, what about the people react this image? It’s like Japanese war criminals or Hakenkreuz.

Seswanto Wanto says:

Alias ngaret cari rumput ternak kambing sekarung huahaha

Seswanto Wanto says:

Woow mobil kerEn kalau punya ini aku buat cari rumput kayak zaman nabi.. Allah huakbar

Hudiyah Yacub says:

Wow kul may dolar12558875777milyar

Irish Lee says:

That Lamborghini is sick😦

Leo says:

3:13 This guy's a pro, Ace Ventura driving skills right there

Hilal Narin says:

Omg 😍😍

Jeffrey Vanco says:

Almost smashed into another car.

kunta kunte says:

The car not match with d driver.. sad.. only this supercar can do?

Kick Starter says:

This is cool but not as cool as

Agata Gfjfjgjjfjdjdjj says:

Omg heftiges auto

FSRC says:

TheStradman is typing…

Goestoofast Nos says:

Dang that Sh*t Sound soo good 4:46

Cris Tupa says:

I Like it.. 😍😍

Wallyson Pedra says:

Brinquedo interessante

King Movieclip,Musicclip And sportnews says:

Best goo n go

Vera Lineng says:

I can recreate this car in nfs heat

Valentina Combi says:

Mizzega che rombo sta macchina bellissima

CaMnPaH bapya says:

Aum yamakanta hum phat l naka bum dorji boi drap l Aum vajrapani hum l aum yamakanta khatuneeyars l Aum mane padme hum l Aum hiri shirthi vikrantans hum phat l

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