Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R R35 vs 1200HP Porsche 9ff Turbo R

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During last Sundays SCC500 Rolling50 1000 I have filmed this Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R R35 Widybody! It is modified to 960HP and you see it drag racing against other tuned supercars. (rolling start of 50 km/h with a 1000 meter drag race)

You will see it drag racing against a 1200HP Porsche 9ff Turbo R, 990 HP Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG, 950HP GAD Motors Mercedes E63s Estate and 900HP BMW M3 F80.

960HP Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R R35: 264.04 km/h
990HP Mercedes CLS63 AMG: 293.54 km/h
900HP BMW M3 F80: 296.30 km/h
950 HP Mercedes E63s Estate: 281.61 km/h

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Chris /#cvdzijden


Grind Sultan says:

Nissan needs to get back to making better cars, the R35 is an overstuffed hype pig. That also does not look like the true Liberty Walk Nissan.

ᅩᅮ says:

여러분들에게 피해 입지 말라고 이글 씁니다, 여러분이 이글을 보고 바로끄면 끄는 순간 당신의 저주는시작됩니다, Rj dkfjwikosk그룹에서 시작한 메시지 44분간 너무 짧은 시간입니다 당신의 목숨을 살릴게요 만약 44분간 내에 당신이 죽지 않는 다면 매일밤 새벽 5시에 얼굴만보면 환장하는 외눈박이 귀신이 와서 당신의 얼굴을 갈기갈기 찢어서 실로꼬맬려고 할 것입니다 글을 다른곳에 딱 7번만 복사해서 올리면살수 있습니다 시간은 가고 있습니다 시작하죠. 안믿지만 무서워서..ㅠ 제송해여…ㅠ

semtex50 says:

Looks cool … Absolute weak sauce though.. lol

David Gogishvili says:

Apparently, 9ff makes one of best tuner porsches all around the world.

vaggelis_s says:

Audi r8 v10 twin turbo wins easy gtr!!!!!!

rory eunice says:

Took off power to two wheels which help an already heavier car move quick, add weight, and not tune for power closer to the lighter car. Yeah didn't see the end result coming at all…

L J says:

all that nice camera equipment when all you needed was one car mounted camera that faced the other car. smh..

J J says:

WTH! No one can drive!

TheLostRealist513 says:

'Hey, is this a rolling 50 race?'
'Yeah, we're just trying to set up the cameras. Where should we put them?'
'How about behind the cars at the line before the rolling 50 actually starts.'
'Ok thanks! Also, should we put cameras on the cars and the finish line so people watching the video know what's going on?'
'Nah, fuck em.'

Integrafreak1 says:

Who won? Y'all should mount Gopros on some of these cars!

Zaidi Jutt says:

No camera behind any car no camera on finishing line no idea who is winer.. Just wasting my time.

Paco Rodríguez says:

Nissan loose all races?

Samo Blazicek says:

I love nissan gtr R35

4.9 turbo says:

That 9FF is a beast man, all that extra weight like the widebody kid makes the gtr kinda slow..
Nice video!

///M H Performace says:

264 km/h…widebody and big wheels Kills the Performance…but very nice this GTR

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