Living With A Ford GT

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This week, Alex finds out what Ford’s savage supercar – the GT – is like to live with!

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Nameless says:

WOW. That big bum trying to exit the car haha

ZIELU says:

7000 go like hell

Dino Palatiello says:

That’s the classic dream of a 14 years old boy. Love it

Puro Fierro says:

A pickle and some oil huh 😏

Кирилл Док says:

Было бы прекрасно посмотреть данное видео на русском!

Lamborghini Ford says:

One of the best car in history

Dip Space says:

an average shop, not your average shop, hilarious !

surge 45 says:

Win a ford Gt,but can't afford the taxes

Toasty Scoot says:

He can’t even make a right turn😂literally halfway into the road with the wheel cranked 1/4 way and wonders why he has to back up…it’s like watching my great grandpa try to drive

Toasty Scoot says:

You an tell this is his first time driving it lmfao

Toasty Scoot says:

“V8 FORD GT” oh rly I thought it was the 4 banger xD

dana swand says:

Ford Gt + body builder + small parking lot 🤣🤣

Sai Charan Pallati says:

Everything is affordable with this car, apart from petrol 😀

emre yonluer says:

i love this car 😍

BLAR says:

At least the fuel cap is on the right side and not the drivers side. Imagine a right hand drive version – meaning that you need to do the lizard trick every time you fill it up (every day) 😂

Le Ju says:

22 Liter per 100 Kilometer 😂😂😂 I Think thats very fair

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