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Longer Range 30kWh Nissan Leaf | Fully Charged

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A wonderful drive up a mountain in the South of France in the newly released 30kWh Nissan Leaf. No question, it’s a big improvement in terms of range and driver interface.
A bigger battery that’s not physically bigger, just 25% more energy dense.

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Mihindu Pulukkody says:

Nissan must have the option for car buyers to purchase the 2017 Leaf with new 40 Kwh or 60 Kwh batteries. It should also must have the option to come with 2018 Leaf dash board into the 2017 Leaf. If the car can be made with rear wheel drive, it would make it more aligned with other standard cars – or it must come with four wheel driving with pull and push wheels.

blxtothis says:

I, a petrol head, have gone from being interested in EVs since the Leaf, i3 etc were launched, to a complete convert since I’ve been watching fully charged a couple of months ago!

My problem is that a car is not a necessary possession living where I do, however it’s blooming convenient, hire/car sharing is ultra expensive in England and I really enjoy driving my modest 5,000 annual miles.

My ‘performance saloon’ has averaged 31mpg in 4 years, mainly city driving short journeys. There’s the rub, as EVs are still more expensive, my mileage doesn’t give me the cost benefit once everything is factored in on a cost basis. If money were no object, there’d be a Model SP100D or at last an i3 parked outside.

Stuart Tavener says:

Anyone with a Nissan Leaf using the 32A Type2 charging cable, have you tried one of these ?

NOCH says:

These Nissan leaf's are absolutely everywhere in Norway.

Mike Lechner says:

Pretty good review for such a fluff brained numpty!

Matthew Wetherbee says:

I very much love what you are doing. Keep making these great, informative videos.

Tommy Estridge says:

Personally, I generally go 350 to 400 miles between stop.

Rick Whitley says:

Can't help but get flashbacks to Junk Yard Wars when I see you…..haha…..you were phenomenal on that show. Love your dry humour. Its fun to watch you again as I do my research in my lead up to my first EV.

Funraiser says:

Sorry to contradict but no, the moutains in Nice are not the southern massif central, but the southern pre Alps.

Oliver Scott says:

Great channel Robert and a great help in finally getting me to ditch my petrol motor and go for the Leaf. My Acenta comes next week (24Kw version) which will do me fine for the short runs I do to school and the supermarkets. Patreoned you too!

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