Lord Aleem Arrives in his £3 Million Bugatti Chiron for a Wrap!

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So @Lord Aleem drives his new £3 million Bugatti Chiron Hypercar, with a little exhaust sound, to Yiannimize for what he calls “a crazy colour wrap”. Absolutely stunning, probably the best car we’ve had at Yiannimize… oh… and we have 24hrs to wrap her.

Watch Lord Aleem’s video of the drop off here:

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:: THIS Bugatti Chiron VIDEO ::
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Lord Aleem says:

I don’t know how you’re going to Wrap my Bugatti in 24 hours but if anyone can it’s the Wrap King Yiannimize!!

DjPeely says:

Aleem: "You can sleep in the Bugatti"
Me in the Morning: "I woke up in a Bugatti"

Jamie Gent says:

Killing guys respect

yaliso gioouy says:

At 1:47 When Aleem passes the car keys i thought that was 2 finger bar of kitkat lol 😆

Chris654 says:

this guy is extremly rich, like dam, he is already ordering another buggatti

Jonny Begood says:

Wish my parents had money and I didn’t have to do fuck all except buy dope shit

Duck Man says:

Jackets with zips?

Rudolph Smith says:

Goals… order Chiron S) before having current Chiron's paint protected in lockdown just come out of world lockdown.. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Ashun says:

I still don't understand why a car shld cost 3m

Unpicaicea Sst says:

good yianni

si low says:

Having your staff work till 4 am is silly and should be illegal

- Nathh -SoundsOfSynergyy says:

I will be taking Aleem up on that 😂😂😂

Ted Malley says:

I'm not british , but these dudes have to be footballers.

Suraj P says:

Ask him to drag race in car wow

bilisha coli says:

truth ) I don’t have Forza, I have Forza Demo, see how trash I am, I don’t even deserve to play the real game!

Huann Cruz says:

Chiron vs. 911 turbo s (new) on Carwow???? 🥰

Mykola Rieland says:

When someone says something brutal, is it possible not to record that incident at all? Otherwise I am building an image about them and they are building an image about me, the images have a relationship, not us. It is only possible to be attentive at that moment.

Leap Tab says:

Aleem looking like a young hipster psychology professor!

Justin says:

Paganni Huayra or Bugatti Chiron?

Kingsley Hailey says:

Success people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

Paul Walker says:

When's the new TV series out

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