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Lotus Exige vs Ford Mustang – Top Gear – BBC

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Jeremy pits the Japanese-powered Lotus Exige against the all-American Ford Mustang on a two lap race of the Top Gear track. Will the Sushi or the Hamburger come out on top?

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Sylvain COMPAGNON says:

There are only english engineers to make a so ugly car from the fabulous Lotus Elise

Faris Ali says:

Venom gt anybody?

Brian Branch says:

Quite a bit of butthurt Mustang fans on here lol

Von Sterner says:

I can't imagine the mustang comes even close to the lotus. It's really not fair I believe.

Connor Janeu says:

To be fair, it was actually a lot closer than they made it look. The Mustang was barely a second behind. Barely. And that's not even the best Mustang to come out in 2010.

stringer 2295 says:

American motor engineers are the worse in the world.anyone with any class wouldn't be seen dead in an American car.

Olli Lehtonen says:

It's a nice car but it looks like a damn kit car.

tashrique karriem says:

Im here for the lotus but i couldnt help but notice that gorgeous women behind Hammond

pokejag 04 garage says:

3 more years till I can get an s1 in the states

james nichols says:

he forgets he an awkward 6'5" and that's a small car.

The Fat Turtle says:

Ballerina vs. UFC fighter in a dancing contest. The poor Mustang never had a chance.

Nicolas Broszky says:

So apparently there is a replacement for displacement (which everyone knows but the Americans absolutely love their slogans, they elect their leaders by that alone).

Weight to power ratio is what matters.

Mat Yaqin says:

HachiRoku vs FD

408TTFox says:

Power to weight ratio, IS vs live axle. Obviously it'll win. I bet a 2004 SVT would give that lotus a run for its money 😉

Lison Roy says:

Oil porch male nearly meat suit nominee doubt accommodate competitive European.

Marshall Piepgrass says:

Mustang fans getting angry

Vunk Junior says:

Those who say that this was an unfair test clearly didn't get the point of the video and probably have never watched Top Gear before

Christian Buczko says:

The lotus is one of the prettiest cars ever built.

pontiacGXPfan says:

this is just a Lotus commercial

Ankle Bre8ker says:


adnanr699 says:

Lol, this is indeed a crap comparison, that mustang is decently quick in stock form and practicle/comfortable. Yeah the lotus might be faster with it being lighweight and a track focused car but give that mustang a lowered suspension tyres and a supercharger with some good brakes and that lotus is dust.

Nicole Johnson says:

My ears popped out

MafiosoItaliano458 says:

"Stuff sold by the gram is always more exciting than stuff sold by the pound"! Not always, Jeremy! It's like saying you hate a nice beefsteak! 😛

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