LOUD SSC Ultimate Aero Start-up SOUND!

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Big L says:

I love this car and it's really cool on Forza Motorsport 4

Leonard R says:

I don't care that it's not the world's fastest it's still damn cool

Boris Micel says:

Boris Micel (R), Eigentumswertabtretung, Clearingnummer BCDIT7, 500,00 Euro, (BMM- Euro), Cheops5.3.

Boris Micel says:

Boris Micel (R), OHG SSC North America und Gläubiger gegen den zu erfüllenden Besitz, seit 2012, Besitz- Gattung, Ultimate Aero  XT, (Schwarzrot) Tuatara, (Weis), Cheops5.3.

charliepapa says:

most of the fanboys of this car here are at the ripe age of 4+ – 9 years old

TheKossmoAnastoria says:

Ugly as hell :/

Az Da Sinista says:

Beautiful machine

Hunter Frim says:

This is an annual event right? When is it held?

robert farris says:

I like to know why no racing vids of this car or any SSC

LegendInThaMakin says:

This is the car that got slapped by the hennessy venom im guessing?

TheVon says:

Aero TT and that saleen s7 are my fav hype car

MarlonMax says:

the real Hypercar .

KaneDesigns says:

This car got completely forgotten

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