LOUDEST FERRARI 812 SuperFast | INSANE V12 SOUNDS | Novitec Rosso Exhaust

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Insanely Loud Novitec Rosso Ferrari 812 Superfast + Loud Accelerations, Fly-bys & More. 5 Minutes of Pure V12 Engine Symphony. Enjoy!!

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Dino Bentivegna says:

Italian car๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ’ช

Let's Business says:

AT the 3:37 White BMW

Ameen Ismail says:

The car owner is ranjit sundar murthy

Corretude says:


TrumpCorp. says:

That Car is being wasted there, way too small and dangerous roads

theresidentone says:

Flexing on all the poor people nice….

Pixpicaso says:

Well , thats India , nobody knows that is lane . Such rash driving cheap mindset

clown says:

even such car looses its sexiness in china

J o h a r says:

Big elephant

Amila Wijerathne says:

Ferrari- it's time to hit the roads
BMW- oh fuck!!!

Vincent Farrell says:

One of the N/A Gods

Show don't tell says:

It's a probably the best car i have ever seen but the sound is not good in my opinion

alejandro3561 says:

Then why Nissan GTR beating Ferrari?check some videos in YouTube .

Cemo Capone says:

India looks so horrible and dirty damn

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