MAGNIFICENT BUT MEDIOCRE! Fenyr Supersport (Rank 1724) Multiplayer in Asphalt 8

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I test the W Motors Fenyr Supersport in the old multiplayer system, and find that while it’s not great, it’s not too bad either! 🙂

Tuning: 1-5-1-5 5-0-5-0

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The BEST Apollo IE MP tune:

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lucena tiberi says:

That was me in the black trion nemesis

Ivan Matin says:

Wow, i'm so happy I've never player A8… Looks terrible

A Noob with a lvl 3 helmet. says:

Feuerrm just a question ,i won the Ed design torq in the multiplayer season is it still good car for multiplayer if yes then what is the best tuning you'd suggest

Zachary Rawlinson says:

what rank is a 0505 5050 on the carerra? is it a good tune?

lolieating says:

i feel dated

Asphalt World says:

New mp system is pain… Anyway nice race..

o Sagui says:

Where did i herd that same old story again? Oh it happens w every single competitive game out there.

If they favor the newer, less experienced players, the old ones feel forgotten and creates major backlash from the game.
If they favor the older, pro's and legends of the game, then there is no more room for competition unless you work twice or even thirds as them to get at their spot, just to realize it was all in vain, creating once again major backlash from the newer players to the game.

long story short: Get up your fuckin' minds and leave the game for those who really wanna play them for fun

Tilman Seide says:

I just got enough credits to get the trion, should I get it?

Age Murph says:

Made it to 1650 in a TORQ !

Ghost Rider says:

Hi feuerrm,I'm back after 3 months, before I open the game I received many notifications about the new MP system,this is absolutely ridiculous beginners do not need vulcan,SLK,X2s,Corvette, Apollos,in conclusion dart=SLK,X2,Apollo,and all my excitement got ruined by Gamaloft

Strider Stryker says:

Wait, did that Apollo did something on 1:40?

matthew skullblood says:

you should remove the intro when you reach 11k

Grim Foxy says:

I had a ds-e tense in asphalt 9 that was 2 star and I got paired up with people that had no ranks…

Good system game-FLOP

matthew skullblood says:

even though you have that cancer intro atleast you don't have shit music playing through out the video

Grim Foxy says:

Baahhh!!! bull crap the fastest car is obviously the faggio

萧贾斯汀 says:

The fenyr looks ferrari- ish tbh 🙄

Dantexpress says:


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