MANNY KHOSHBIN GARAGE TOUR! New Speedtail, Chiron, Ford GT and More

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There are some new hypercars in @Manny Khoshbin’s garage! Let’s check out the latest arrivals including the fabulous McLaren Speedtail by Hermes, limited Ford GT Heritage Edition, Bugatti Chiron by Hermes and plenty more in his incredible private collection.

After stopping by to visit Manny on numerous trips before, a few things have changed in the garage with the arrival of a number of new cars. Most notably is by far the McLaren Speedtail that has the most beautiful details both inside and out with the leather fabricated by Hermes. Not only that but it also wears multiple exterior touches to really tie it all together in a way I’ve never seen before.

Likewise since my last visit, Manny’s Bugatti Chiron has also arrived in the collection, again a collaboration with Hermes for the interior materials and more details on the exterior. The Ford GT has arrived recently too in the new Heritage livery with exposed carbon and multiple red accents, the first time that I’ve seen one of them presented. Other new acquisitions include another Bugatti Veyron 16.4 in white and blue, the Heritage Design Edition 911 Targa, and an elegant Rolls-Royce Dawn.

There are some exciting things on the horizon, be sure to check @Manny Khoshbin out and subscribe if you haven’t already.

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:42 New Entrance
01:21 SLR
02:07 Rolls-Royce Dawn
02:22 Heritage Targa
03:48 Ford GT Heritage
06:45 Bugatti Chiron by Hermes
09:46 McLaren Speedtail by Hermes
17:03 Veyron, Huayra, P1
20:20 Rembrandt Veyron
22:15 Wrap Up

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Shmee150 says:

Manny has added some very special new cars to his collection including the McLaren Speedtail and Bugatti Chiron both by Hermes, as well as the new Ford GT Heritage! Let's check them out by way of a garage update and what else is new. What's your favourite of the latest cars in the garage?

Brandon Rogers says:

I absolutely loved when they were talking about the SLRs, and Manny was like "…Formula 1 technology, carbon fiber body, well you know more than I do" even though he's a serious collector and owns 5. Love his humility and their respect for each other.

hamham says:

Your camera sucks

Maj Hussain says:

Will not be a popular comment… but this is a bit of a tacky collection… other collections like the bahrain collection 1 and andy74b from england have better collections… they have cars like Mclaren f1, ferrari f50, ferrari enzo, merc clk gtr.. Manny needs those proper petrolhead cars in his collection

Ian Alderton says:

only with shmee does the treatment of the inside of the glovebox get more attention than the power and performance figures, but that is cool too and I will keep watching ; )

Michael Dorsey says:

Manny you have all the cars but y not Lamborghini no Hurricane no Aventador no Venino what's up with that

Pancake Lizard says:

He has brown yuk.

nadeem shoiab says:

These are all very having cars…but I just like Bugatti …

dynamic_d4rk says:

Thats how my gta garage looks like

Virvum Juggernaut says:

The Ford GT is the only car in Manny’s collection with a spec close to my taste.

iloper says:

I understand the Pagani love…

Kosmas says:

The Ford GT it’s for me the most characteristic car in his garage

J. Unger says:

Who is this Manny Khoshbin by its nationality..?

thomas Gilford says:

I like the ford Gt beacos it is my favret car and i like yur all your videos

kol keo says:

Manny is supa rich

karol Joseph says:

Chulada wey

The kidd says:

Amazing how humble Manny is. Amazing how he is appreciate the art and craftsmanship of his vehicle. He is what the perfect example of self made. The American Dream. Congratulations on all you have accomplished you have work hard.

-DODUP - says:

Shmee kinda reminds me of grian

Crayz Boom says:

gta5 online garage


This reminds me of the garages in GTA5

diamante bruto natural says:

amazing car

Kenny Adebowale says:

I like My Favorite Bugatti Chiron Do You Know About Bugatti, Cars?

SUKKOO says:

You should just buy a pair of shoes which will always stay in the car so they don't get dirty and you don't have to dress up😂😂😂



Hard Rock says:

i love 98 car

Jag S says:

12:20 That glove box slap caught me by surprise.

DsrTrey Hab says:

Did he sold his Porsche Carrera GT (Yellow)?

Oscar Anguiano says:

I want my friend to buy a speedtail!!!

Kristian Montano says:

Where is your Mclaren Senna Manny?

Mr Beats says:

Just a random time stamp because the whole video is too good to pinpoint a certain moment🤩🤩🤩.. #dream_garage

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