MANSORY Bentley Continental GTC V8 (2020) – WILD Car!

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2020 Bentley Continental GT Cabriolet V8 by MANSORY – Sound, Interior and Exterior Design

Engine: V8, 4.0 L, 640 Ps, 890 Nm

Special thanks to MANSORY:

0-100 (km/h): 3.8 s
Top Speed: 330 km/h

1. Horror Trailer By SilverSunMusic
2. Envato Elements


K. Bandit says:

I want the weels from the left side……. 😏

Amundam Marline says:

Nice car but not so good for poor people like me.

Orlando Lazar says:

It reminds me of a cheaply tuned Hyundai Sonata that had the Batman logo on the front that some gopnik from my neighborhood made… The original car looks MUCH BETTER.. Altough the colourway and the interior are amazing

trueno '86 says:

How is it possible! They made a beautiful car ugly!

anon ymous says:

Now this is a car

Man Sky says:

만소리에서 gv80터치함 해주면 멋지겠어요

edisigenius says:

Front beast, rear frog

City Cruiser says:

i would love to drive this

Zi nou says:

I swear i have never seen a more beautiful car than this one. Amazing job.

The Power Of Offense says:

Wait… The rims are different @ 0:50 and 0:53.

Msikeleli Mbunge says:

I really love it even if the wheels are different. It makes sense why they are different coz the rare wheels are larger than front and also to improve handling on high speed. One thing I know Bentley doesn't disappoint on Continental

Tigran Pro says:

It is very beautiful!!! Im impressed 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼Bravo 👏

Arjan Backer says:

nice, but they should have done the interior less blue and more black

Mohammad reza Zaker hussain says:

It's very good quality for u mr mansory
Nice ❤🔥🇦🇫🇮🇷

Dan kny says:

That exhaust is reserved for SUV and vehicles such as Ferrari and Aston. Bentley is Rolls Royce challenger not Ferrari competitor. It's for those who don't need to shout…"here I am!"

Adithya Menon says:

The only channel I always instantly switch to 1440p for. The only channel. Amazing job guys, as always.

Azio Prism says:

i kinda dig that shade of blue ngl.

Teste Gaming says:

name song? 2??

NonActive says:

Bentley: knock knock
BMW: who?
Beantley: 0:01
BMW: urrrgh, Alpina will revenge for me….

REDDOT29 says:

F a m I t t w rdbla😂

Christian Gyasi says:

Awesome looking amazing

Shazam Kablam says:

I'm literally blown away.🤯🤯🤯

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