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Manufacturing the SF90 Stradale

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A journey in Maranello factory, where the most advanced production techniques and the most skilled artisans combine to produce the SF90 Stradale. #Ferrari #FerrariSF90Stradale


Burak Caliskanman says:

Amazing work

C de Schrevel says:

Next time when Ferrari makes a video like this(which I personally like A LOT!) try to mix in just a tiny bit of some track from “two steps from hell” would be epic!

Mar del plata Limos says:


Dedu Tedy says:

So the original Scuderia Ferrari is from 1929?

Roland Csuka says:

2020:a hylercar from aluminium…joke?

RJ Santos says:

Now you can say Ferrari is not of it price! 🤷🏻‍♂️ The amount of effort and quality to make it is unreal. 💯

Stephon Malone says:

In my personal opinion, I think that Ferrari needs to come out with a branch of their cars that is powered by Twin-Turbo V10 based on their racing heritage from Formula One. Given that Ferrari was making V10 back in the day, it would do them (V10s that is) some justice my opinion due to the fact that V10 are extremely RARE.

Dany Dany says:

❤️ wonderful ❤️

gt smg says:

it's always be good to see at one the manufacturing process of Ferrari in official. It takes me to the car where it has made from

Brandon m says:

It's looks pretty good.

cedric vabre says:

Une bonne video de merde ! ! !

Dany Dany says:

❤️ súper car ❤️

22C Chung Zhan Peng says:

Is it v8? Or a v12 engine?

Chance says:

What are the fin above the roof? Is it an antenna? If not, it would have look better.

Thiel McIlwain says:

Bigger Venues Access

Carmine Rosiello says:

Questo video mi rende orgoglioso di essere italiano 🇮🇹👍❤

srinitaaigaura says:

To think that LaFerrari level performance is now entering mass production…

Dom says:

another Maranello masterpiece

Amr Essam says:

Dear All ferrari Team… Accept the design of ( ferrari stallone by murray sharp) and produce the most fastest & g force hypercar ever made .. Ferrari Fans

Mike Hoffman says:

If i own a car beside my Tesla – it is a Ferrari.

Jan-Michael Nelson says:

Excellent!!!!!! Only desire is a 12 cylinder, twin turbo fitted into this design, Yessss!!!!! Well done, Ferrari!!!!!

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